Friday , October 20 2017
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    Pros is another odd little reading site that highly resembles a dating site more than anything else. This is jarring, and not exactly the sort of thing we want to see. They have 10 minutes for $5 deal now, but this is just one time deal, then you have to pay an average $5 dollars per minute.


    Numerous Negative Reviews (just google them): We found ourselves really struggling to dig through this site and find some positives about it. There isn’t much going on here at all.

    No Psychics Screening: Unfortunately, the psychics that they do have on this particular site aren’t exactly professionals. Mostly, they employ a number of amateurs to work on this particular site.

    Their customer service is pretty questionable at best

    It’s also apparent in their lack of a money back guarantee, which is going to make you start sweating the moment that you start getting some really unreliable readings.

    In general, this is a site that’s just not going to be able to hit your expectations very firmly. You’re going to end up much happier by avoiding it altogether, and we’ve proven that.