14 Ways to Know You Are a Spiritual Empath

Spiritual Empath

Spiritual empaths are people with heightened awareness of other people’s feelings and emotions.  Empaths harness this skill and use it to improve the lives of others.  Because they see the world uniquely, their ability to feel is more intense to the point they can detect pain and understand what a people may need to heal.  If you suspect you may be an empath you may feel at times your gifts can be both a blessing and curse.  If you are unsure if you are an empath, here are 14 aspects to notice in your life.

Absorbing emotions like a sponge

You can’t enter a space without picking up on the thoughts and feelings of other people.  These external emotions can profoundly impact your life to the point it put a damper on your day.  While your skills provide comfort to others it can cause your pain and fatigue due to the overstimulation.  Therefore, it is essential you set boundaries and properly channel these emotions.  Remember, you can only control your emotional health and no one else’s.  Focus on providing them structured support and a listening ear.

Governed by intuition

Intuition is vital for empaths since they are so in sync with their surroundings.  They are guided by inner wisdom and a sense of rightfulness to the proper words and items for any situations.  Empath are drawn to spiritual practices like tarot, reiki, mediumship and shamanism that help others heals through inferring divine message through intuition.  It is because their senses are so elevated that empaths excel in psychic arts.  However, they must always make sure their intuitive skills are never clouded by anxiety or fears to ensure the most accurate readings possible.

Noticing energy shifts upon entering a room

Empath can instantly detect and analyze the energetic climate of any space they enter.  One sense the totality of the situation and the people involved, which if undeveloped can create mental confusion.  Trust your gut when it tells you if you should stay in a place or leave.  This gift is a superpower protecting you from any bad experiences.

Extraordinarily compassionate

It makes sense that experiencing other’s emotions can produce deep compassion.  Since you are aware of the struggles of another being, you have an innate desire to work with them to address and overcome this adversity.

Crave time alone

After absorbing a surplus of emotions and feelings, empaths treasure their time alone.  They need ample time by themselves to ground and balance, while purging excess emotions.  Without this aspect of an empath’s self-care, they may at greater risk for physical and mental strain.

Frequently experiencing stress or feeling overwhelmed

Constantly being bombarded by stimuli can easily make one feel stressed or overtaxed.  Due to empath’s increased sensitivity, anything they encounter becomes more intense.  It takes time and patience to sort through the rush of thoughts and emotions.  Only then can you properly create a plan to help the person without putting yourself at risk.

Attracting energy vampires

When one is so open to energy, they can easily become exploited by narcissists people.  You may always have notice you are reluctant to say no when someone askes you for help.  Be conscious about who is a frequent taker, and those that have the ability to give you support in return.  Identify the signs as quickly as possible.  Trust your gut and always have healthy boundaries established and respected.

Avoids conflict

Empaths struggle with navigated disagreements or feeling like they have to prove themselves.  Instead, you want an exchange of perspectives in the quest of mutual learning and growth.  Be careful to minimize contact with anyone that has the tendency to attack anyone that differs from their opinions.

You seem like everyone’s therapist

There is calming energy the radiates from any empath.  This makes it easy for people to quick trust their opinion.  This is become they feel like a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental space.  If you feel like you are holding secrets for others or constantly serve as sounding board for your loved one’s then you may be an empath.

You know when someone is sick

Empaths don’t just pick up on people’s emotional hardships, but also their physical ones as well.  They have a profound desire to help alleviate this pain and provide whatever comfort possible.

Desire to help others

You know in order for people to enjoy happiness and love they must understand that no man is an island.  Instead, we all must band together to help each other out.  You thrive on provide comfort to anyone in need and enjoy the act of caring for people, animals, and spaces.

You can’t tolerate pain

Pain is unacceptable to you.  You must understand it’s root causes, observe the situation from every angle and transform it into something beneficial.  You will always take an active role in solving any problem.

You get exhausted going out in public

Crowds are an instantly energy drain for an empath.  This is because stimulation is overly abundant and scattered.  In turn this will spike your anxiety and you will begin to crave your familiar sanctuaries to release the overflow of emotions and thoughts.

Being introverted

Typically, empaths are introverts because being around too many people can drain their energy supply.  Instead of gaining your strength from others, you will draw upon your rich inner world and creativity for joy or inspiration.