About Us

The world around us is full of mysteries. Although science has advanced us dramatically over the years, there is still much we have to learn about the people, cultures, and beliefs that came before us. Some of these ancient practices have spawned religions that are still practiced today, while others have inspired holistic healing methods and options for psychic readings that can connect us with spiritual messages.

My name is Deanna Tyler, and I became interested in rune stones after I spent time studying in Scandinavia. In many of these countries, the myths and legends of the Vikings, Norsemen, and other ancient cultures have seeped into the present day. The languages, belief systems, and everyday habits of people often reflect these old practices and beliefs, whether people today recognize that or not.

Rune stones are symbols that are based on the Germanic alphabet. These ancient symbols were thought to have magical powers, and that certain stones could convey divine messages. This method of divination is useful for people wo want to find a quick answer to a specific question they have.

I was interested in rune stone casting because it is a practice that can be done individually or by a trained psychic reader. When I have a big question or a decision I need to make, I turn to a trusted rune caster who can better interpret the stones for me. However, for everyday rune casting or to intuit my purpose for the day, I will cast my own rune stone in the morning to see what the day might bring me.

Rune stones are another way to connect intuition with a psychic message. Their roots in ancient Norse culture have given them mystery and special powers, even in the present day. I created this website as a resource for people who wanted to learn more about runes and their powers of divination, and to connect them with trusted and reliable rune casters who could connect the runes with a psychic message.

There are so many options that we have to connect our intuition with psychic messages. Runes are one way that small, powerful symbols can be used to guide us to our meaning, answers, or pathway to our purpose. If you are curious about starting your own rune practice, read on! Additionally, we can help you find a rune caster you trust to conduct a rune reading for you.

-Deanna Tyler