Using Mantras to Change Your Life

Using Mantras to Change Your Life

There are different sounds and vibrations that help people to heal and change in their lives and these are called mantras. These mantras can work with parts of your body and help you to be more aware of what you need to do in your life. There are mantras that you can use for anything.

Everything that works on the earth is on a different vibration and everything has energy. Every thing that is alive has its own unique energy and even when you don’t know how to express things like joy or happiness in your life, these things have vibrations.

When you are in a good place and your vibrations are strong, it can cause you to be in works with the universe. But when your vibrations are not strong or they get low, the harmony goes down, and it can cause you to have hard things happen in your life. There are different ways that healing your vibrations can work and once you have balance in your life, you can be comforted and happy.

Nature is one way that you can raise your vibrations. Not only is the universe full of nature, but it also has its own sounds. When you go into nature, you will hear birds chirping, people laughing, trees blowing and more. Most of the time we don’t go into nature but if you spend time going and listening to the sounds that nature makes, you will feel better and healthier.

The world has heard about sound healing, and these are things that use instruments such as bells or gongs. Some people chant or use a drum to beat. Even during Vedic traditions in India, people would do this and use sound for years and years to help heal the body.

Mantras are sounds that people do to raise their vibrations. These sounds can be done in silence, or you can chant them out loud. You can repeat them over and over and you will be able to wake your life up and you can see change and healing. This is a way of healing the body and the mind. If there is a snakebite that you need to cure, you would need to know how to do this. This can take a whole lifetime to learn.


Japa means that you repeat a mantra that is associated with a fixed number. There are beads called Mala that you can use with a certain amount of numbers, and you can use them to help you to count the mantras. Most of them have 108 beads and you can use the beads to start and stop. Some have as little as 27 beads.

The Mala can be used to help you commit to saying a certain amount mantras and to help you to try to bring harmony into your life or into something that is happening that you need healing. Some people will repeat the mantras 108 times for a month.

Deity Mantras

There are all kinds of gods in different traditions and each of them have their own mantras that people chant to give them praise. The Hindu one will repeat the mantra to worship the gods but those that aren’t about religion will just use the chanting for other things such as raising their energies.

The energies are all around you and they are either active or not. They can be balanced or unbalanced and when they are not moving, you might lack in certain areas in your life.

When you repeat mantras, you can activate things in your life that you need to take care of. Here is one that you can say to help you to get rid of blockages in your life: “GAM.” This can help you to remove things that are blocking you and give you wisdom in your problems.

Healing Mantras

Everything is about a sound and when you are sick or you have something wrong in your body, you can bring healing to your body by using the right kind of sound healing. Healing mantras will be repeated to the area that you are suffering in.

Here are some healing mantras that you can use:

  • Mmm to heal the sinuses.
  • Nnnn to heal the ears.
  • Eeemmm to heal the eyes.
  • Ga agha to heal the throat area.
  • Yaa Yu Yai to heal the jaw bone.

Mantra Vowels

Here are some other mantra vowels that you can use for healing. Chant them directly when you feel that your body or mind is lacking and needs healing:

  • Aaa
  • Eee
  • Eye
  • Ooo
  • Uuu

Chakra Mantras

Everything in your body and mind has to do with the universe and the universe is there to help you. When you are on the earth, there are central vortexes but, in the body, this energy is called chakras.

There are seven main chakras in the body and even though they are not part of the physical body, per say, they are there in energy form and they can affect the physical parts of your body because the energy is not flowing correctly.

When you pay attention to each of your chakras, you can use mantras with each of them to help you to release things that are holding back your energy from moving correctly. You can use these each day to focus on your chakras. You can focus on one chakra, or you can focus on all of them at the same time. Start at the lower chakra and repeat the mantra around 3 times each.

Chakra Mantras to Use

Here are some chakras mantras you can use:

  • First chakra-LAAAM
  • Second chakra-VAAM
  • Third chakra-RAAM
  • Fourth chakra-YAAM
  • Fifth chakra-KAA or GAA
  • Sixth chakra-KSHAAM
  • Seventh chakra-OMM

Regular Mantras

There are some mantras that you can use to make your life better and to raise your vibrations:

  • Shanti to help you to have peace.
  • Anandam to give you joy.

Enlightening Mantras

Being enlightened means that you are bringing peace and balance in your life. This can be a place where you align your physical with your spiritual being and you are aware of what you want in your spiritual life.

Using mantras such as Gayatri mantras can mean mother and can help you to get the right path on your enlightenment. This is something that you can chant each day and you can do it at the morning, the evening, and the night but you can also do it at anytime when you want to reach your higher self.


Mantras for Meditating

When you want to meditate and have more intentions, you can meditate when you use mantras. This can help you to be more aware of what you want and to focus on your intentions. The mantras can help you to connect with what you want and to remember the things that you need in your life.

There are general mantras that can be used by anyone such as “SO HUM” but here is how you should use this mantra:

  • Sit quietly in the floor while deep breathing.
  • Say “so” and repeat it as you go in and out with your breathing. Say “Hum” when breathing out.
  • Use the mantra as it comes easy to you.
  • Do this for about 20 minutes while you meditate.