Having Your Aura Read: What to Know

Aura Read

It seems that more now than ever, people are drawn to the supernatural things like astrology, Reiki, and crystals. Whether seeking a psychic, tarot reader, or something else, it is not hard to find someone willing to talk about what is going on inside. This article breaks down auras to help readers better understand what auras actually are, how a reading will work, and what each color means.

An aura is defined as an energy field that can be seen around living things. It appears as a type of mist that when first seen is typically a white color just a few inches from the body, but as your skills develop you can see different colors at great depths. The body is predominantly water and energy so people can change colors continually to show how they feel.

The aura has three separate planes and seven energy bodies. The physical planes are called the etheric body, emotional body, and mental body. All of these are connected to the earth in some way. Then comes the astral plane which includes the astral body that bridges the physical and spiritual plane. This comes through a heart connection. The third plane, the spiritual plane includes the etheric physical, celestial body and ketheric body that includes the intuition and a connect to the divine.

Aura reading has been around for thousands of years. The knowledge of energy fields for living bodies is a tradition in multiple cultures dating back over 5000 years. In the West, people are just learning about the importance of energy fields or auras. There are many religions that speak about a light appearing around people. Hinduism speaks of a universal energy called Prana, the East terms this Chi, and Kabbalah speaks of an astral light. Christians have also spoken of a bright light appearing around people’s bodies. Even in the paintings of saints it is said people were seeing auras, but a lack of understanding turned this into halos as a form of representation.

It is believed that photos can be taken of auras through different approaches. One of these is using Kirlian photography which was invented in 1939. It is specifically defined as a technique used for recording photographic images of corona discharges which is supposed to be the aura of living creatures. The process is able to reveal visible auras around living and nonliving objects. This process is often ignored by mystics because an aura also appears around non-living objects.

The colors of the aura are related to the chakras, so if a chakra is imbalanced, it is reflected in the aura color. As mentioned, your aura changes with mood and can be torn or detached if imbalances are present. Healers can help repair this. Each color is important and carries a different energy that can affect mood. Below is a list of the colors that are frequently seen and what each typically represents, as well as a few that are less common.

  • White – Peace, truth, pain removal, comfort
  • Red – Anxiety, passion, anger, vitality
  • Orange – Change, ambition, creativity
  • Yellow – Self-esteem, intellect, over-analyzation
  • Green – Compassion, nurture, love, balance
  • Blue – Sensitivity, Calm, self-expression, communication
  • Indigo – Intuition, connection to the spirit, paranormal powers
  • Violet/Purple – Confusion, connection to the divine, depression, addiction, wisdom
  • Pink – Self-love or new love
  • Lavender – Vision, intuition, artistic tendencies
  • Turquoise – Change in vibration, brings good things
  • Black – Health issues, protection, grief, past life issues
  • Silver – Financial and spiritual abundance
  • Gold – Enlightenment, divine protection

Now that you are more aware of the meanings and aura colors, be selective of the colors you choose to wear or place in your home as well as what others are presenting with their color choices.