Using Runes for Divination

Runes for Divination

Using runes for divination is a fortune telling tool that can answer questions for you. This is something that has been around as long as Bible times. It is thought that runes work with the Norse god, Odin.

Getting a rune reading is something that is considered a cause and effect and once the stones are cast, the outcome can be read to you. If you want to know the truth, understanding the runes can be important for you.

What is a Rune Reading?

Rune readings are a divination that happens by casting the runes. There are different symbols on the runes, and they are related to Greco-Roman history. There is history that shows us that the rune symbols were considered the first writing by the Germanic people. There are different rune alphabets that can be accounted for in Europe, British Isles, Iceland and Scandinavia.

At the end of the 18th century, there was a big interest in runes and during the 20th century, people became obsessed with them. This is part of the spiritual occult.

One thing about reading runes is that there are different symbols and alphabets with this system. They are carved in lines, and they are made of wood or stone. Some inscriptions have been put in the stones and this is a different concept along with pictographic characters.

The runes represent a different kind of force or energy, and they work with the mythical beings or gods. The idea is to cast the runes and get information on the situation. This is considered to be magical and is a system that works with cultures and religions and can help people to understand things including the Norse traditions. Runes are made for divination and work well with meditation.

There are 24 characters in the Elder Futhark Runes, and they are situated into three different groups of Aettir with eight of each character and meaning. There are blank runes that were later added. In ancient Rome, Tacitus used this for divination and was used by different Germanic tribes. It was then that the priests would work with the gods and throw three pieces down to understand them.

There are different poems that work about the Runes and most of them come from the meanings and symbols of short stanzas. It is important to understand the history of the runes before beginning.

Understanding Runes

Here are some questions to understanding runes:

  • Odin and the Runes: Odin discovered runes by swinging from an Yggdrasil Tree. He was in pain and was hungry and he found the runes and took them when he fell from the tree. He carved 18 of the runes and used them for magic.
  • PreChristian Times: This was when people thought trees and leather had sacred powers.
  • Ancient Methodology: This was used for rune casting that was lost in time because the Rune masters didn’t keep good records to interpret what the runes meant. Magic fortune telling secrets were not written down.
  • The Lost Runes: These are runes that were used for divination in the 17th After the master’s died they were not recorded.
  • Finder of the Runes: The runes were moved from place to place by different warriors. It was part of the Germanic alphabet.
  • L.A. WimmerM: He was considered a rune scholar in the 19th century.

New Rune Readings

Even though runes have a long history, you can get runes as a gift for people today or you can even make your own runes. If you make your own, use a pouch to keep the runes in and make 25 of them. You can even find instructions for this.

No one will understand runes as much as the people that get a reading with them. This kind of reading helps you to understand yourself and reach your higher self. You can ask a question and the reader will be able to use the tools to give you answers.

Do Your Own Reading

There are 24 runes now and they are rectangular. They have different symbols on them, and they represent your karma. You can use these when you want to reach your higher self. These runes can have traditional meanings and you can use them to make decisions in your life.

You can use a rune spread that is similar to a tarot spread. Use your intuition when you do the reading and find out what your situation means for you.

When you do your own reading, put the runes in the pouch and shake them. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What problems are happening with my career?
  • What is my problem with my relationship?
  • What is my home problem?

The runes will have power to help you understand what changes you need to make. The best way to understand your runes is to pay attention to what is going on in your life. Put your hand in the bag and mix them and then relax and meditate. Touch all of the stones if you can and then draw one when you feel like you should.

Hold it without looking at it and meditate on it. See how it relates to the problems you are facing. Figure out the traditional meaning. Talk to the runes and don’t get upset if you aren’t getting the answers right away.

Trust the runes enough to give you the answers that you need. Keep practicing and you will see that you can do your own reading and you can get the wisdom that you need to get answers to your future.