Opening the Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye

There are things that happen when a person goes through their third eye opening. Some think it feels like an awakening is coming while others feel that they have reached their enlightenment. Some say that they have strong emotions.

Your third eye is the place where your intuition is, and it is where you can find your gifts and reach your higher self. When this part of your body opens, it can help you to be more aware and to be understanding of your emotions.

When the third eye opens, it can cause you to change the way that you are thinking. Sometimes people have a strange way of thinking, and the third eye opening will change this, and it can be overwhelming to see how your thoughts begin to change. You will see the things that are stopping you from being the best you can be. You will be more aware, and you will see that you are compassionate and caring.

You must learn to surrender yourself and what you are thinking in order to let the third eye completely open. This is a spiritual thing and will take you to a higher level.

Why is the Third Eye Opening a Good Thing?

There are good things that can happen with your third eye opening such as:

  • Understanding the energies around you.
  • Know that you are more than your emotions.
  • You can reach a higher consciousness level.
  • You find love, peace and happiness on the inside.

Understanding the Energies Around You

This is one of the best things about your third eye opening. This is when you are able to feel and know the energies around you. This is more than just the physical body, but this is understanding what people are thinking and feeling. You might also be able to read the energies of plants and animals as well as people. You will learn to connect with these energies as time goes on.

Know That You Are More Than Your Emotions

You will have a realization that you are more than just what your emotions are. You will have a knowing inside that helps you to make decisions. When you start to meditate and learn to control what you are thinking, you will be more aware of your inner self. You will experience new things and new senses.

You Can Reach a Higher Consciousness Level

You will realize that you have spirit guides, angels and other spirits around you. You will know how to understand the spirit world and that as the energy flows, you can connect with these spirits so that they can guide you and help you through your journey.

You Can Find Love, Peace and Happiness on the Inside

You will see that love, peace and happiness are not just something that happens on the outside of someone but something that happens on the inside. You will have a gentle tug that comes to you, and you will realize that these are things that come to your inner self.

Surrendering to the Third Eye

If you want your third eye to open, you have to learn to surrender to the energy and powers of it. You will go through your own type of awakening, and this is the life that you will surrender to. You will trust who you are and what the universe has to show you. This will allow you to experience new things and to open your mind, body and spirit to the world around you.