Knowing Someone is Thinking About You

Thinking About You

People have different experiences when they are psychic, and they are able to extend beyond what we see in the physical. When someone is thinking about them or talking about them, they often are able to read into the energies that someone sends.

A psychic will be able to see different signs that someone is thinking of them like sudden sneezing, ears burning, hiccups or eye twitching. It can be different signs that are unexplained or there can be physical signs such as a white feather.

The idea of the source is what can make a thought negative or positive and the psychic will be able to know who is thinking about them or at least if the thought is good or bad.

Signs Someone Thinks of You

Here are some known signs that someone is thinking of you:


Sneezing can happen because of allergies, but if you see that out of nowhere you start sneezing, it can mean that someone is thinking of you. If you have more than two sneezes after each other, this can mean someone is being negative about you.

Sneezing more than 3 times can mean it is a positive thought or maybe even your soulmate.


Hiccups are another thing that can make someone know that someone is thinking of you. If the hiccups are random, it can mean someone is complaining about you.

People often have negative thoughts toward you without even saying it and this can send negative vibes to you even if it isn’t on purpose. This is a kind of psychic attack.

Hiccups are usually seen as negative energy and if you think of a specific person out of nowhere when you are hiccupping, they are probably the ones sending you negative energies.

Ears Burning

When you feel your face burning such as your ears or your cheeks, it can mean someone is thinking of you. Most of the time this is negative thoughts because the cheeks burn like someone slapped you.

Someone that is thinking completely negative of you can be a psychic attack and so you need to talk to that person and make things right.

If your ears burn out of nowhere it can mean someone is thinking good things about you and once again this can be your soulmate.


Goosebumps can mean that someone is thinking hard about you. This can happen out of the blue and it can be both negative and positive.

Goosebumps are just energy, and they can send tingling to your body that can mean that you have a strong psychic connection with that person.

You can know if the thoughts are good or bad depending on how you feel when the goosebumps come.

Eating Pain

Have you ever had pain out of nowhere such as coughing or choking when you are eating? This can mean someone is talking or thinking about you or that you are in their thoughts.

Eye Twitching

Eye twitching can mean that someone has you on their mind. This can mean that you are being thought of. If you are a woman and your right eye twitches, it is negative, and someone is talking behind your back. If it is the left eye, it can mean someone thinks good things about you.

Telepathic Messages

If you are someone that gets messages from your thoughts, you know that people can connect with you. They can talk to you through your thoughts, and this is telepathy.

Feeling Like Someone Touches You

Some people can feel that someone is touching them even when someone is not there. Some people have the abilities to send these sensations to other people and this can mean they are thinking about them.

This can be a great feeling and can make you feel loved and protected.


Having out of control emotions can mean that you are being talked or thought about. If your emotions go from good to bad, someone is thinking negatively of you.

This can mean that you think the emotions are your own, but they are probably emotions that someone else is sending you. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how the emotions go.


Dreaming of someone can mean that they are thinking of you. When you are telepathic, you can communicate with people in your dreams.

Dreams are something that are mysterious to other people, and they are part of your subconscious mind. This means you can reach your higher self and it can even happen in your dreams.

White Feather

White feathers can mean that someone that you loved is sending you a message. This can come out of nowhere and it can mean that your loved one cares about you and wants you to know that they love you.

This can also mean that miracles are going to happen in your life.


People look at psychic connections differently and if you are closed minded, you might not believe in these things but if you choose to be open minded, you might find that people are thinking of you and talking about you based on the signs that your body and your spirit shows.

Remember that when it comes to these kinds of connections, the more open you are to them the more you can understand them.