How to Unblock Your Chakras at Home

Unblock Your Chakras

Your chakra is the energy center of your body and it is the place where you have goodness in your mind, body and soul. You have to understand that your energies are a system and that your energy can be blocked. When you have blocked energies, it can cause you to be sick, to have strong emotions and to have problems in your life.

There are ways that you can unblock your chakras and if you want to clear your energy centers, here are some ways:

Saying Mantras

Learn to say mantras which are repeating words or sounds. These happen during yoga and can help to strengthen your chakras.


Using EFT or Tapping happens when you take your fingers, and you tap them on different parts of your body.

While doing tapping, say positive things to yourself to boost your energies.


Meditate and pay attention to which chakras are blocked or lacking.


Yoga can help to unblock your chakras and can help you to get rid of negative energy and to see your energy flow.

Using Essential Oils

Essential oils can help to balance and strengthen your chakras. Some are better for certain chakras than others.

Eating Healthy

Learn to eat healthy and find foods that are the color of the chakra that is blocked. Use this food to eat it and clear up your energies. This can balance your chakras.

Nature Walk

Go outside and walk-in nature. Go barefoot outside or go walk on the beach. You can embrace the nature and be grounded.

Deep Breathing

Concentrate on your breathing and let your air go from one chakra to the other ones. Inhale as deep as you can and be aware as you exhale your breath.


There are many ways that you can keep your chakras strong and healthy. You can unblock your chakras by concentrating on the energy of your chakras and by paying attention to any blockages that you might have.

Make sure that you are well in your mind, body and soul and that your energies are strong.