What to Know About Using Runes for Divination

Runes for Divination

Runes are an incredibly old system of divination that has re-emerged more recently among those interested in divination. One of the reasons for their popularity is they are easy to read and can be created as a DIY project.

Some say creating runes yourself not only flows with your personality but somehow allows the runes to absorb a magical power that is deep inside you. After all, everyone has a unique sense of inner power that can manifest in different ways.

Many types of runes can be bought online too. There isn’t one type that is better than any other and there are many styles to choose from. That is because the history of runes has changed little by little as the tradition migrated throughout Europe.

Runes come in all shapes and sizes with no set criteria for design. They can be made of a number of materials. The power isn’t so much in the runes, according to beliefs, but in the one who uses them. Runes are merely a tool like tarot cards and other equipment psychics use.

Runes once had local letters on them wherever the region was that created that set, but was replaced with Latin letters over time.

The Backstory to Runes

Runes were a realization of knowledge coming to the god Odin, according to the original story. It was a gift, something bigger than himself. It isn’t surprising that runes came through Odin as he was the god of communication.

The actual history isn’t as romantic as most believe runes were created from different cultural influences and had a heavy influence from the Etruscan writing system, along with the ancient carved symbols of the Hallristnigar system.

As they moved around the world, runes set picked up on local cultures with them being made out of local materials and achieving a certain look that was popular in an area.

What Does Studying Runes Do?

Runes have always been considered a gateway to the distant past. People were closer to nature then and now using runes is associated with staying grounded. Runes, especially focusing on one, can bring awareness and disciplined insight.

Like anything else, what you get out of studying runes depends largely on how much you put into it. They can mean nothing or they can mean something really important. It really is up to the one using them and how they interpret them.

The Runes Set

A typical runes set include 24 basic runes. Some are wood and others are polished rocks. They can be made out of marble, quartz, or any number of materials. They can be any color as well. The only thing that is common on all runes sets is the lettering.

There is no magic in the type of substance used to make the runes but are merely a reflection of one’s personality.

Two Ways to Use Runes

There are two ways you can use runes for divination. They are listed below.

Drawing Them Out

Those seeking to use runes for divination can draw out at least three, sometimes more, out of a bag. This works just like a three-card tarot draw. You can just read them as a broad-spectrum reading of an idea or break them into past, present, future, situation, challenge, and goal categories.

Sometimes runes will literally spell something.

Start by breathing deeply and clearing your mind. As you draw out the runes, see if they are reversible as this can anchor the reading. Also, notice if the runes are facing down. This means they are possibly not active yet or may be ending.

Rune Casting

Many people love casting runes. In this type of divination, you toss the runes from your hands and allow them to fall on a table, cloth, or even on the ground. A reading cloth works well because its markings are directions, elements, or something more complex. Beginners usually use just a simple non-marked cloth.

Choose those pointing right-side-up to read but look to see if they are pointing a certain way. Think about whether that has any significance. Notice if they are clustered or apart.  Look at the patterns to see if it creates a type of map.

Those who can decipher the map, or key, of the runes will be able to have untold bits of information that can help their lives or others. Runes are interpreted not just by the letters but by how they fall, where they fall, and what they fall next to on the table or floor.

This is where a keen eye for detail and some heavy-handed intuition are important.

Regardless of how experienced you are with runes, the sets always have something to say. You have to be willing to put some time into figuring out their message.