How to Reverse Bad Karma in 5 Steps

Bad Karma

Some people feel like they have a dark cloud hanging over their heads. Perhaps they did something in their past that has resulted in negative karma energy or maybe they are just in a cycle of negativity.

Either way, the result is a negative one. A series of unfortunate events can put you in a downward spiral that makes you feel trapped and hopeless. The truth is you are not.

Understanding Karma

Even if you do have some bad karmic energy around you, there are ways you can reduce or eliminate it. Karmic energy works in two ways.

  1. It draws in whatever you allow it to draw in. If you are positive, it will draw positivity. Those who are negative will attract more negative. Haven’t you heard of the phrase “misery loves company?” You will find that you will come across the most miserable people when you are in a bad mood. The other aspect is you will create others to be as miserable as you.
  2. Karma debt is possible. One school of thought about karma is whatever you’ve done comes back to you as either treasure or debt. Those who have wronged others will have karma debt and that can haunt you for years until it is considered paid.

What Do You Do?

Going with either of these two ideas means you will need to change some things in your life to release the bad energy and bring in positive vibes. There are five solid ideas of how to do this.

Make Amends

Contact those you have wronged and apologize. This has many positive effects. First, you are positively affecting someone’s life. Second, you are clearing your soul of negative energy by asking for forgiveness. Third, apologizing helps you develop more understanding and empathy for others.

The result is making amends goes a long way to wiping out karmic debt.

Love Everyone

Love cancels out anything bad because it is the most powerful force in the universe. God is love. Doing everything out of love will keep your conscience clear. That includes loving enemies and even those who are unlovable.

The Bible addresses this many times and it was one of the clearest teachings of Jesus. The idea is to pour love on your enemies so they will feel bad about their actions and, hopefully, change. If they don’t, it’s on them and not you.

Loving others brings so much into your life that you can’t possibly understand it. It builds relationships, brings hope to others who need it, and can change the world, one person, at a time.

Practice Patience

There is an old joke to never pray for patience because you will go through a lot of turmoil to build it. We live in an instant gratification society so patience is hard to come by. Understanding that the universe won’t just hand out blessings like candy is important. Otherwise, you can become bitter when things don’t go your way. Keep your good intentions and wait.

Learn From Everything

Anything we go through in life, whether it is positive or negative, can teach us something. Life lessons are everywhere. We just have to understand what they are. Positive and negative experiences are beneficial to our growth if we apply the lessons to improve our future decisions.

Think and Speak Positively

Think positively is more than a catchphrase. It’s a way of life. The Bible says “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” That means that your project is whatever you believe deep down inside. Whatever is in your heart eventually comes out in an action.

It would make sense to make sure your heart is pure and positive, right?

Another Scripture states that “life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Scripture goes on to encourage people to “speak life.” This goes to the power of the tongue. What we say comes from what we think or believe in our hearts. Speaking it is a way of manifesting it so all of us need to be sure to speak good things for good things to happen.

A man lived not so long ago that constantly referred to death. He said things like “when I go to my box” or “when I die” or “when I am dust.” He wasn’t that old when he began saying these things and his musings, although he intended them to be humorous, didn’t go over well with his family.  They constantly rebuked him for them and begged him to stop saying such things.

The man, who had been incredibly healthy his whole life without even getting a cold or flu, was diagnosed with two horrific diseases. He died a year and a half after his first diagnosis. His musings became reality.

Even if you don’t believe all the things related to karma, it doesn’t hurt to clear negative things from your life. Apologizing to people is never wrong if you are guilty and loving others is always the right thing to do. Speaking life generates more positivity in your life.

In other words, taking this advice will not harm anyone and can do a world of good whether you believe in karma or not.