Understanding Runes and The Meanings


Psychics will use tools that show them images and symbols and many of them are able to intercept these things to help you to understand your life. There are others that have other gifts such as hearing into the spiritual world or being able to dream and know the future. Using crystal balls, tarot cards or other tools can help the psychic to get more information. This is the same thing that casting runes can do.

What Are Runes

When you look at a rune you might not think it is as exciting as a crystal ball or a nice deck of tarot cards, but it is as important as those tools. This is something that has been around for years, and it was used to tell into the future and to find out about past lives. The original alphabet was the Norse alphabet, and it was called “The Elder Futhark.” This is found across different countries, and it was known where Vikings landed. Sometimes there are things that are found in these areas that are engraved and this is a way that they communicated and where runes came from.

A psychic that uses different tools will be able to use the tools to understand what is going on in the lives of others. There are different cultures that are able to read runes better than others and some psychics are very good at rune reading and interpretation. This is something that comes with practice.

Each rune has a different engraving, and this is based on the ancient times. The cultures are able to interpret their meanings and can answer questions based on what they see. Each rune will have its own symbol and meaning and is part of the spiritual world. Some used runes to cast spells and for other kind of spell work.

There are 25 runes in a set but there are only 24 letters in the runic alphabet, and they are divided into eight “Aett” or groups. The three groups are named after Norse gods and the runes can be used to call out to the gods and to use their power to get what they want. Here are a list of the runes and what they mean:

Aett 1: Earth Family Runes

Freya is the Earth family, and it shows the life journey and the life cycle. This can be said to say whatever has been left behind is going to come back to you.

  • Fehu

This is seen as a cow or as cattle and was used during the Viking age. It shows wealth and it is also called the Mother Rune because it is a creative rune. This can mean something new or being prosperous but if it is reversed it can bring disappointment to your life and infertility.

  • Uruz

This is seen as oxen and is used to open up Viking areas. It can be a symbol of strength and if you get it in a reading it is a positive symbol and represents having good health and being able to overcome problems. In reverse though it can mean illness or missing out on life.

  • Thurisaz

This rune is called “Thor’s Hammer”, and it is a hammer that is strong. It can mean to be cautious. You can look at this in the symbols and see that it is a tool that is used to build things. It can also break things. Sometimes you don’t have to use a hammer as a bad thing to destroy things that no longer need to be in your life. Remember that you can use this rune to take action. If in reverse, you will see this as a warning to not ignore things that you see in front of you.

  • Ansuz

This rune is represented as Odin All father’s staff. This is a rune that looks like the Fehu rune, but it is faced down instead of faced up. This is a blessing stone and can bring knowledge to the situation. This is a rune that means being wise and able to communicate but if reversed it can mean to be tricked.

  • Raido

This is named after the chariot of gods. This represents a wheel, and this means that you are always moving on your journey. Reach your goals. In reversed, it can mean delays and not having direction.

  • Kaunaz

This is represented by a torch, and it can be seen as energy that is stronger. Look at a light and how it leads ships to the right place and see that this can help you through troubles and trials. It is a passion and can change you. In reverse, this rune can mean that your flame isn’t strong anymore and that you need to let go of something.

  • Gebo

This means love and unity. This works with you emotionally and physically and can be a good thing in your life. There is no reverse meaning.

  • Wunjo

This means success and happiness. In reverse this can mean being fearful and disappointed.

Aett 2: Warrior Family

The Warrior family is Hagal and represents things that you cannot control.

  • Hagalaz

This is a force of nature and can mean that you will have delays in your life. Find different ways to handle things and don’t seek paths that lead nowhere. There is no reverse meaning.

  • Naudhiz

This can be something that you need. This can mean overcoming problems and that things are working in your favor. In reverse it can mean that you are not getting things that you need in your life.

  • Isa

This rune can mean stillness or being stagnant. This can mean that you don’t take change well. You can use this rune to see truth. There is no reverse meaning.

  • Jera

This can mean beginnings and a life cycle. It can be harvest time and you can have rewards. There is no reverse in this rune.

  • Eihwaz

This is symbolized as life and death and represents the Yew Tree. It can be a spiritual thing and is full of mysteries. This is the end of something but not a physical death and it can be a time in your life where things come to a standstill. In reverse, this can mean not accepting change.

  • Perthro

This is like a cup and represents being lucky or having destiny. If reversed it can mean taking a break and facing your actions.

  • Algiz

This means guardian or protection. This rune looks like an elk and is a symbol to keep people safe. The rune will tell you to be cautious and to stay safe, but it can also mean to listen to your instinct. It reminds you in reverser that you need to be smart when things are stressful.

  • Sowilo

This represents the sun and means victory. The clouds show you that there is a path as they clear up and bring in positive energy. You will find your goals and be successful. There is no reverse in this.

Aett 3: Heaven Family

This is the Heaven family and means inner working. This is how you handle things that come into your inner life.

  • Tiwaz

This rune represents a spear and is the honor of the warrior. This reminds you that you have to be brave and that you need to make sure that you are ready to fight when you need to.

  • Berkano

This rune means new beginnings and birth. It can mean being pregnant, being a mother or a feminine energy. It can remind you that new beginnings will bring hope.

  • Ehwaz

This rune is a horse, and it can mean that you need to work together or that you need to have adventures together. This rune shows that you can be protected and that when you get where you are meant to be, there will be peace. If this is reversed, you will see that this rune will tell you that you have to follow your instincts and stop trusting what other people do or say or it can delay your progress.

  • Mannaz

This rune means having self-care and having a divine connection. It can mean thinking rationally and being balanced as to who you are. In reverse, this can mean that you need to accept who you are and to take time to know yourself more.

  • Laguz

Laguz is a water rune, and it shows that you will have emotions along your journey. When you need to know what to do, talk to a psychic and see where it takes you. Learn to listen to your intuition and let it guide you as you grow. In reverse, you might be someone that is ignoring the need to grow, and you need to have strong emotional thoughts and feelings as a priority.

  • Inguz

This rune means having sexuality and true love. It is a masculine rune and represents rebirth like a seed that is planted in a garden. This has no reverse meaning but this is a rune that can have endless ideas and possibilities.

  • Dagaz

If you want change and to be creative, Dagaz is a great rune to have. This can mean that you are starting something new or that you are going to get married. It can also mean that something new is going to happen in your life. The rune will prepare you to live a better life and it will help you to see that there are plans that need to be made. This has no reverse meaning.

  • Othala

The rune, Othala can mean family and having ancestors. This can be something that takes you to your roots. You will be able to find your family and join a community that works with you for the same cause. If this is in reverse, you will heal and you will be able to take your connections and to work through them in positive ways. If you have connections that are abusive, they need to change, and this can be even small disagreements.

Runic Alphabet

The runic alphabet is seen in these runes and the last one is a blank rune and some call it Odin. This is there to remind you that you have a destiny and that the future holds a mystery. Once you understand the meaning of the runes, you need to learn how to read them.

If you’re a new reader, the best thing that you can do is to pick a rune out of the pouch and ask a question such as, “What will today hold for me?” Once you ask the question, shake the bag, and focus on a rune as you pull it out of the bag.

Three Rune Spread

There are different kinds of rune spreads that you can do and in Norse mythology, doing a three norm spread means that you are calling on the goddess Urd, who is of fate, Verdandi who is of the past and Skuld who is of the future. These are goddesses that will sit under the tree of life and will spin thread.

One will spin the thread; one will measure it and the third will decide where the thread needs to be cut. These represent the destiny that you have and time.

The Three Norm Spread is one that is easy to do, and it is a way that you can learn to read the runes as you begin doing readings. Take the rune bag and shake it. Pick out three of the runes and lay them facing upwards. Look at them from left to right or past, present, and future. You can interpret them as present, action and the results, depending on what kind of reading you need.

If the runes are all facing upwards, this is a yes answer, if any of them are facing downwards, this is a no answer. If they are mixed together, the situation can be a maybe. It is up to the person asking the question to decide what to do next. It is suggested that you weigh out the good and the bad things and that you be careful what you are asking.

Wheel Method

You can use the wheel method which happens when you draw two circles, one small inside of a larger circle. The first circle means Querent, and this is the situation at hand and the next circle means the influences that are happening around you that are causing the Querent to happen.

There are different ways that you can interpret runes and it is a fun thing to get into a habit of doing. If you want to work with runes, you will need to figure out which kind you want, what you want them to be made of and then make your own set or buy them. This can be something that helps you to learn a new tool of divination and something that you can work on making for yourself or someone else.