3 Quick Steps to Awaken Your Intuition

3 Quick Steps to Awaken Your Intuition

What does it mean to ‘honor your intuition?’  Today, society can focus on rational thinking and minimize the lessons imparted to us by our gut wisdom.  Therefore, it can be confusion and anxious to learn how to harness one’s intuition.  With that in mind we have create a simple process to empower you to hone your intuition and let it guide you each day.


Before you can create a plan to achieve your goals, you much give your subconscious as many tools to work with as possible.  Gathering the appropriate resources enables you to become naturally more receptive to opportunities.  By receiving an array of ideas and information you can gradually make correlations and understand what is most important to you in this particular point in your life.


After the preparation phase, you are able to let your ideas and information settle and ferment.  Your mind is shifting from the active work being done in the preparation aspect to a more passive stage where ideas can be nurtured deep within your subconscious.  You may notice how action steps will “suddenly” pop into your mind when you might have been thinking about another area of your life all together.  Maximize your “down time” to let your intuition speak to you.  Great examples are shower thoughts, moments during a long car ride, or leisurely walks (especially when in natural surroundings).  Roland Bushnell, the innovator of Atari first had the concept enter his mind during an early morning stroll on a desolate beach.  Eventually, this “aha moment” became his first and best-selling video game.

It is important to create these moments of brain rest, because being obsessed with an issue will actually block you from discovering a solution.  Consider athletes that become too antsy to win that they forget that by trying to be the best version of themselves, the ignore the vital balance of being alert, yet also relaxed.  When they become too tense or anxious, they will make critical mistakes that will rob them of their win.  Therefore, for intuition to function properly, you need spaces of relaxation to let inspiration suddenly strike you.

Steps to Awaken Intuition

  1. Take a few cleansing breaths and embrace the concept of a powerful subconscious mind. With time and space, your subconscious will guide you to proper answers and solutions.  Strive to go beyond logical investigation of the issues and honor your gut feelings.  As you trust your gut more, you will feel empowered.  Always remember the existence and power of your stalwart partner, your subconscious.
  2. State aloud what you desire from your subconscious, including answers, solutions or insights. Settle into yourself and cultivate a sense of focus and peace.  Dialogue with confidence with your subconscious, repeating what you want from it, and let the answers arise naturally.  Talk in a manner as if the work has already been accomplished, like “now my subconscious tells me…”  Repeat for a minimum of ten times with convictions the process of awakening your intuition has begun.
  3. Maintain focus, peace, and confidence the process is working the correct answers are materializing. This unwavering faith will direct you to the best solutions and answers.  Consider how you would feel if your ideal decision was made for you, and let those positive feelings resonate throughout your body.

Sleep that evening with gratitude your answers will be yours by the morning.  The three steps should take no more that 5-10 minutes and it is best to do them prior to falling asleep.  The transition from wakefulness to sleep alters your mindset naturally from a conscious to subconscious state and it ideal for connecting you with your intuition.

Receiving Information

Answers may appear as a feeling or insight when you least expect it.  Sometime the answer manifests as quiet, yet strong inner voice.  Learning to notice and act on these feelings, hunches, and whispers requires time, patience, and practice.  Keep experimenting and over time you will develop a bond with your intuition.  It’s ok if you can’t hear your inner voice on the first try, your intuition is a lot like a spiritual muscle that requires strengthening and conditioning.

Frequently intuition sparks during a dream.  Your mind will suggest solutions each time in a unique way, but you will recognize if this is intuitive guidance based on the quality of the idea.  You will awake with a strong gut feeling about this answer.  Be receptive to how your intuition speaks to you.  Respect and nurture behaviors that honor growing your intuition, as many ways can provide your subconscious the appropriate data to do its job in benefiting your life.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~Albert Einstein

View your intuition as a natural and essential part of your daily life.  Accept its role in every facet of your life and notice the opportunities that come your way.  Beware negative thoughts like “I can’t solve this issue” or “there’s no way I can find a solution” are signals to your intuition to step back from helping you.  Conversely, having positive thoughts and beliefs about your intuition will always steer you towards the best answer.  Consider talking to your subconscious like a treasured friend.  Tell it everything and honor its power and access to “absolute knowledge.”  Tell it what you need, then fall asleep peacefully confident it will deliver your desire, as it always will.

Finally, try this helpful affirmation: “my subconscious is my partner in achieving enlightenment.” Saying this aloud can help you harness the wonderous power of your subconscious mind, and you will never stray when looking for answers. Working with your subconscious and intuition will always provide you the necessary data for success in all your goals.