Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers

We live in a world in which numbers are a constant. There are cell phone numbers, license numbers, and house numbers to deal with each day. These numbers are part of our lives and very important. Angel numbers are just as important, but in a different manner. Angel numbers are powerful tools that are guides on our spiritual paths to help achieve spiritual goals toward your life goals.

To have a full appreciation of angel numbers, you must first realize that your angels love to communicate with you in a number of ways. They are encouraging each of us way more than we realize and love it when we act upon their wisdom. your personal angels are always on board with the positive things you wish to do and will help with any loving, kind vision you have that offers inspiration to yourself or others.

In order to provide the type of help you want; the angels must find a way to get your attention. This can come in the form of visions, dreams, meeting a friend, through inspirational videos, or even a chance conversation. Sometimes, even a song on the radio tells you what you need to hear. Angel numbers are just one way in many that angels can and do communicate.

Angel numbers are reoccurring numbers in your life that are representative of the previously mentioned angelic presence that is vying for your attention. The reason angels like to use numbers over other forms of contact is that you deal with numbers every day. While dreams are sometimes remembered, this is not as likely as seeing numbers throughout the day. Sometimes, the numbers are personally significant, like a birthday, anniversary, or favorite number sequence. However, the numbers may have a powerful numerological meaning on their own. The numbers are not meant to be confusing or complicated, but to let you know you are moving in the right way, on the right path. They are showing support.

To offer an idea of how these numbers play into life, consider the following examples. A woman gets an offer of a dream job, but it means moving far away from family and friends. She asked her angels for guidance and all that week she saw her birthday repeated in different ways. Leaving a reception area, she saw the numbers 813, the same on a license in front of her, and even the phone number of a friend. She understood the angels were supporting the move. Another person would wake up at the same time in the middle of the night 1:01 and stay awake for ten minutes, then fall back asleep. This happened for several months. She discovered that the number 1 was significant to new beginnings. Since she had been considering a new business venture, this was the support she needed to take the dive.

Angel numbers are meant to be positive and clear or encouraging. They are not something we should search for or force a meaning on, but allow them to appear. If we arbitrarily assign a meaning to a number, it is not the angels communicating. Some numbers are just numbers. While your angels are always available to help, do not force it. Be open and without fear when receiving their suggestions. Once they have gotten your attention, the conversation will intensify and guidance deepen. As long as you feel supported and inspired, the message is from the angels. You are their priority.