Casting Runes

Casting Runes

The practice of rune casting is means of using stones as tools for divination. The stones are used to guide people through life decisions.  Runes are can be made from glass or wood or actual stone. Runes come in sets of 24. Each rune has a carved symbol with a different meaning. Most rune sets come with a book that explains the meaning of the stones.   Rune Stones come from Nordic tribes and the usage of runes became popular with the Anglo-Saxons.   The word rune itself means”mystery”.

Casting RunesUse of Rune Stones

Runes can be used to communicate with one’s own subconscious.  They are not the answers, rather, they provide guidance.  They will not tell you what will happen. They tell you want can happen.  They are good if you need an idea of how things might turn out.

Much like with Tarot Readings, people ask the runes about specific issues in their lives.   Some approach the runes with questions about options and transitions.  The runes do not tell fortunes; they provide insight.

Reading the Runes

People use runes in different ways. They involve placing or casting.

Casting runes means tossing the stones as a way of finding an answer to a question.

Runes should be cast from east to west upon a cloth. Some say that the cloth should be white and that the stones should be cast from a leather pouch.

Some cast runes for a daily reading, in the way that some use horoscopes for guidance. This is dune by simply pulling a single stone and meditating on what meaning that stone has for you.

Also very common is the three stone spread. This is gain wisdom about a larger issue.  Three stones are cast and laid out in front of the one seeking advice.  The stones selected  and interpreted either in seeing one as a past issue, one as  present issue and one as a future event.  Another way is to see the stones representing the physical, mental and spiritual condition.

Some read the ruins from a full casting by meditating on an area in which they need guidance and tossing the stones. The stone that is the most obvious is the one that holds the answers.

Casting the runes in a grid is also another method. The stones are laid out in a grid while the non-dominant hand is held over the stones.  You will sense the stone that holds the answer.

There are several other methods and patterns of rune casting. Some will be outlined in greater detail in the books that define the rune meanings. Ultimately, all of these patterns can be adjusted for your own purposes.  The runes are simply a guideline for you.

Rune Meanings

The stones are representative of a specific idea from ancient times that still ring true today.

  • Cattle-Fehu
  • Brute Strength-Uruz
  • Wagon-Raidho

These stones also have a deeper meaning. For example, Fehu can mean success and wealth. Uruz can mean strength and love of home.  Raidho means going on a trip.  The stones can have a different interpretation if they are shown reversed.

For example- Fehu reversed means loss and disappointment. Uruz reversed is weakness.  Raidho in reverse means a loss of opportunity.

There are no absolutes when it comes to interpreting the runes. They are simply a way to get in touch with your subconscious.    They are very helpful when you need a bit of help and guidance.