Runes in Your Everyday Life


runes2The most effective tools for self-divination is by using runes. Interpretations need to be just simple when you read for yourself, and I would like to share my self-divination interpretations, as well as ways I assimilate their energies in my everyday life.


I have a set of stone runes that I use, but it’s just as effective to use index cards with the symbol and meaning on one side, and blank on the other. You can add additional meanings and comments as you continue, but remember these are your personal interpretations, and simple is best.

My interpretations are based on the Elder Futhark runes, which are believed to be the oldest type. I’ve found that the most accurate answers come when just one question is asked at a time, with one card as the response.

Before you begin, decide how you will flip the cards. Which way will be considered upright, and reversed? This is very important, and once it’s determined, shouldn’t ever be switched. Once this is established, just mix up the cards/stones as you ask your question, and then choose one.

Fehu represents success and abundance, both financially and personally, even if it’s only because of a whole lot of luck! It’s a perfect rune to doodle while you’re hoping for that seemingly impossible result. If it comes up reversed, now’s the time to change your approach, because if you don’t, chances are it’s going to fail.

melody_lamp_tableAnsuz tells you to simply trust the signs, and your intuition on this one! If it’s reversed, there’s been a major misunderstanding because of manipulation, and you need to take a break, and get to the truth immediately.

Uruz represents strength, energy, and virility. There will be success, but you must stand strong. It can also help rev up sexual energies if you trace it onto a candle… or lightly on your lovers skin! If it comes up reversed, it’s time to step back and be honest. Ask yourself, is this real, or are you obsessing?

Raidho confirms movement and transition through a current situation, but you need to trust your instincts and not rush the process. If it’s reversed, it’s being purposely delayed, and all you can do is patiently wait, because any movement you make will likely delay it even more.

Kenaz foretells the breaking of blockages in your life, and can be used to counteract blocks of all kinds—creative, relationship, etc. If it’s reversed, it’s once again time for a reality check. Are these blocks there because you truly need to work through them, or because this desire is not healthy for you? I often envision this symbol when I meditate, whenever I’m looking for clear, honest insight.

That was Part 1 of the Runes, but you don’t need to wait for Parts 2 and 3 before you start divining. Try with just the first part to get used to the energy, and see how your results change when more runes are added.