9 Ways You Know You Met Your Cosmic Match

9 Ways You Know You Met Your Cosmic Match

When you are matched with someone on the cosmic level you can feel it instinctively.  These are bonds that are vital to our spiritual growth and aren’t not always positive in nature.  However, there is always profound meaning and learning that occurs in these interactions.  Below, we have compiled a list of nine ways you can identify if you met your cosmic match.  It is import to not ignore any of these signs and be aware that matches can occur at any level from influential stranger to romantic partner.  Remain open to this person and what they are trying to teach you as well as any insights you both may gain throughout your relationship.

  1. This person is a helper!

Being around this person provides you with a powerful sense of healing.  They challenge you to grow in novel ways you couldn’t have thought up on your own.  No matter if the lesson seems positive or negative, know it is being sent by the Divine to help you grow.

  1. This person challenges you!

There is no possible way for you to stay in your comfort zone when you are around this person!  By showing you new experiences or ways of doing things, you are able to evolve at physical, mental and spiritual level.  Even during the difficult moments, you will find yourself thanking this person for their unique wisdom.

  1. This person stirs your heart

Even when lessons or experience feel uncomfortable, you find your heart becoming more open and receptive when you interact with this person.  They will teach you how to be willing to let people into your life and empower you to be your authentic self.

  1. If you get upset by them, it’s ok!

By getting upset and challenge you are able to shed behaviors or patterns that no longer serve you.  We seldom learn key lessons during periods of calm and abundance.  Becoming upset is essentially to your personal growth.

  1. You hear what you NEED to, not what you WANT to!

Sure, it might not always be pleasant to hear hard truths, but it is necessary.  This person will not sugar coat any detail, and it’s import to soak in every word.  By heeding their advice, you will be able to accomplish even lofty goal and become receptive to exciting new opportunities.

  1. They teach you to slow down

We often are in a rush to accomplish goals or overcome a challenge.  When we learn to slow down, we can become more mindful and create better strategies to foster more positivity, love and abundance in our lives.

  1. This person motivates you!

When they share wisdom with you, you become energized!  This energy help you create solutions to problems and allows you to forward in your life’s purpose.  You may even feel yourself becoming a better person and bigger inspiration to those around you.

  1. They keep you focused!

A cosmic match will constantly remind you of who you are, your true worth and your goals.  This encouragement helps you become laser focused on improving yourself and all of humanity.  Although sometimes you think they might be a little over the top with feedback, they are powerful influence in your life and work.

  1. They inspire you to question things

Questioning aspects of life allow for old patterns to give way to new and more beneficially thinking.  When you look deeper under the surface you can identify the facets that need changing so that all might benefit from a solution.