Being an Empath

Being an Empath

Being empathic or clairsentient can be wonderful and enjoyable, but this can also be overwhelming and exhausting. This is especially true when in crowded areas or areas of high emotions. While the ability should be appreciated, you may wonder how best to keep from feeling drained, but still enjoying life, events, and even movies.

Below are some real life tips to help empaths survive and thrive while still taking part in daily life events:


Empaths somewhat absorb the emotions of others, which can be exhausting. Next time you are with someone giving off many emotions, imagine yourself surrounded by outward facing mirrors. This deflects the emotions back. This is especially helpful when you cannot walk away from a person.


Being overwhelmed by energy is real and can hit quickly. One sad movie and everything seems overwhelming. Grounding can help keep things under control. This is a form of meditation and can include things like eating root veggies or chocolate, taking a bath, listening and dancing to your favorite song, or walking outdoors.

White or Pink Light

This is all about the mind. When you sense someone feeling anxious or upset around you, surround yourself with white light and extend some to them. This acknowledges  their feelings and sends well wishes.


When you pass someone who is suffering, thank the universe for the opposite. This can be done for others or yourself. For example, if you feel sad, thank the universe for love and joy.


This sounds easy, but too often we are not aware of our own perspective and need to be. Next time the emotional rabbit hole opens up, remind yourself that you are feeling emotions from spiritual beings that are growing just as we are. Your spiritual gifts are not a burden, but to enrich life. You control the gift or are learning to do so. This will shift perspective.

Law of Attraction

Remember the law of attraction is real and we may be attracting things we are not aware of. The universe delivers what we expect because we are conscious creators and attract stuff into our personal experience. This is often necessary for spiritual growth. Surround yourself with positive people to attract that type of energy.


Though you may not always have a choice of who you around, you do have a choice in what they take from you. If the person is permanent in life, learn their patterns and protect yourself. Set boundaries as needed and stick to them. If you are around an energy vampire, say a few positive things to keep your vibe up.

No News

The news today is always draining. While keeping up with current events is important, it is not worth the horrible feelings. Avoid news stories if they leave you feeling frazzled. If you do have something that sends you spiraling down, follow up with something that makes you laugh or smile. If you are feeling positive your aura will be bright, otherwise it will be dull. When feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and get a sense of your aura, then make changes if needed.


Even adults need the occasional breather. When you cannot take the stress another minute, take a break as a priority. Try a bubble bath, a walk, binging your favorite music, or eating ice cream.


Meditation is an empath staple. Take time to practice it often so you can be pulled out of the moment and offer perspective.


Crystals can help an empath. They are great for clearing negative energy, so keep them around the house or in your pocket. Black tourmaline is great, but so are black obsidian, amethyst, apache tears, and smoky quartz.

Wash Off Negative Energy

When your feeling drained or blah, freshen up, change clothes, wash off or shower, and really wash away the negative feelings. This will freshen up your energy.


Sage cleansing works well for empaths. When you need a pick me up, just spritz or burn a bit of sage. Its quick and easy.

Being an empath is a gift. Implementing these tips will help you realize that each day. The world needs more positive energy and that is what empaths can bring. Never give up on your gift.