How Tell if You are Clairsentient

How Tell if You are Clairsentient

Can you tell a situation simply based on an extremely pronounced feeling?  Perhaps a simple look at person can tell you undoubtedly, they are someone worthy of your trust.  Maybe you get disturbed every time a certain person enters the room.  Consider if you dislike walking into a heavy-feeling vibe of a local Starbucks, but thrive in the natural light and homey smells of your in-law’s house.  This very well might be happening because you are clairsentient.

Clairsentience is a psychic skill regarded as “clear feeling” or “clear sensing.”  People with this talent can disseminate information beyond the realm of physical senses.  Unlike the major of the other “clairs” messages are felt on an internal and emotional level.  Individuals gifted in clairsentience are impacted by an array of influences, but it ultimately is experience due to sensitivity in changes of energy.  These changes may be due to emotions, or atmospheric disturbances.  Essentially, a clairsentient is a human barometer to the physical and emotional states of humanity.  As a person becomes more aware of their empathic and clairsentient tendencies, the more frequently occurrences will transpire.

Ways clairsentience manifests

There are many jobs and professions that draw a person with clairsentience.  In particular these following roles can be exemplary for a person with honed instinct.

  • Medical doctors who quickly can identify a mysterious diagnosis
  • Spiritual healers who easily pick-up fluctuations in someone’s energy field.
  • A detective whose ability to interpret complicated clues.
  • Teachers who can identify a child with personal trauma without being told.
  • A parent who is in-tune with their child’s inner world.
  • A professional driver who has the gut feeling that he must avoid a certain route, only to later learn of a major crash that would have caused significant delays.
  • A counselor or advisor who knows when to remain silent and when to provide impactful feedback to their client
  • People in the creative sector than experience their art flowing through them rather than from them.

How to tell if you are clairsentient

  • Frequently being told you are ‘over-sensitive’.
  • Being by crowds and noise.
  • Sensing the energy of buildings including homes, eateries and places of work.
  • Knowing things prior to being told.
  • Amplified perception; understanding the various aspects of any conversation.
  • Identifying underlying emotion and extrapolating information from them.
  • Being an empath to the degree someone’s emotional or physical pain affects you deeply.
  • You have uncanny intuition.
  • Almost instantaneous emotional connections with particular people.
  • At time physical manifestations of your inner wisdom.
  • Ability to form a concise impression of a person you just met.
  • Places and people with ‘dark’ energy cause you to feel unsettled, nauseous, or dizzy.
  • Experiencing physical symptoms including tingling that stops when you leave a negative situation.

The dark side of clear feelings

There can be times clairsentience can seem like a burden instead of a blessing.  Some clairsentients can be prone to addiction to numb the array of sensations.  Others can become depressed or anxious due to the unrelenting stream of external and internal energy exchanges, which might be exhausting to a highly sensitive person.  If this resonates with you, learn ways to mitigate your clairsentience.  Take comfort that it can become easier as one ages.  Also, identify where these sensations are coming from and how to best embrace or shield yourself from them.

Although at times it might not feel like a gift, when you accept and nurture this talent you can begin to feel better.  Nothing is sent to hurt you.  Consider yourself a radio picking up a signal.  If you notice your tuner picking up bad news, mindful switch the station.  Instead of trying to reject or avoid this ability, work with the universe and your guides to understand to use it for the greatest good.

Ways to manage clairsentience

Unfortunately, high sensitivity can be erroneously regarded as a mental health problem.  Of course, if you have any mental health concern retain the services of a therapist.  Meanwhile consider how much of what is occurring in your inner world is simply acute sensitivity to what is transpiring around you.  Some of the following tips may be helpful for you.

  • Talk to others with similar gifts.
  • Use creativity to express your feelings.
  • Journal daily.
  • Meditate or listen to music.
  • Use your gifts to benefit others
  • Channel your clairsentience into work you enjoy.
  • Read as much as you can about the “clairs.”

Work to discover how other people, beings and location affect you by paying attentions to changes in atmosphere and energy levels upon initial contact.  Notice how your mood alters.  Do you experience physical sensations?  Can you quickly read a person or pick-up on ‘random’ thoughts?

Understand that no one but yourself can experience what you are receiving and feeling.  Clairsentience varies greatly between people and manifests in a myriad of ways.  Thankfully, a number of people report similar phenomena.  Reaching out to other clairsentient people either locally or via an online forum may be especially empowering for you.