Strengthen Your Clairvoyant Talents Today

Strengthen Your Clairvoyant Talents Today

Everyone possesses some intuitive skills, perhaps even clairvoyance.  But it requires time, patience, and practice to help improve these gifts to the point it feels like second nature.  Clairvoyance involves either objectively or subjectively “seeing” messages sent from one’s spirit guides without any rational explanation.  You may dream of your next residence (objectively) or picture the face of your next boss in your mind’s eye (subjectively).  Here are a few tips that you can start using today to honed this talent.

  1. Embrace silence

When you sit in silence tune out your conscious mind, which enables your subconscious to take control.  People can fear silence because we are so used to the noise and the distractions it provides.  Go beyond this fear and welcome silence into your life.  Without any distraction you can best begin to hear (and converse with) your inner wisdom.

  1. Understand how you receive information

Although you may desire to be clairaudient, if you are picturing images more than hearing sounds, you are more apt to be clairvoyant.  Psychic messages are sent by your spirit guides, ancestors and even angels.  There are six psychic ways you are sent messages, which are called “clairs,” clairvoyance is only one of them.

  1. Music can help calm your mind

Music can help people reach a meditative state.  Try laying on a yoga mat and play a short instrumental piece.  Listening to soothing music or mantras can shift you out of lizard brain and into a deepened state of relaxation that can better allow you to connect with your inner wisdom or spirit guides.

  1. Use crystals, tarot cards, or essential oils

Spiritual tools can help improve your intuition and protect you spiritual as you communicate with the spirit realm.  Some helpful gems include: azurite, sapphire, and lapis lazuli to strengthen intuition, while essential oils include: cedar, opoponax, and blue lotus.

  1. Reframe intuition

Intuition doesn’t always involve earth-shaking insights.  Instead look for repetitive symbols, feelings and images.  Spiritual entities prefer communications that are ethereal and persistent.  If we can embrace all five tips, we can be more empowered to explore all the clairs, including clairvoyance, and feel more confident in the messages we receive.