Increasing Your Psychic Powers

Increasing Your Psychic Powers

Think about being in a room that is full of stinky and heavy air.  Imagine that it is hard to breathe and that it is upsetting and nasty.  Did you know that this can happen both physically and on a psychic level?  When there is negative energy that is inside of you, this energy sometimes has a hard time of getting out and can cause your positive energy to not be able to circulate or help you.  This is pollution in your spirit.

Negative energy can get stuck inside of you and can bring about anger and resentment.  IT can cause you not to be able to forgive and cause you to be afraid of things.  When there are issues in your life that you don’t take care of, you are trapping in this negative energy.

Nasty Energy

Nasty energy can bring about bad thoughts.  It can cause you to have strong emotions that are negative and painful.  This can cause your body to get clogged and your chakras to become blocked.  Sooner or later you will experience the following things:

  • Stronger negative energy.
  • Energy gets blocked and cannot flow.
  • Clogged thoughts.
  • Negative energies increase.
  • Negativity will bring more negativity.
  • Spiritual health becomes dull.
  • Relationships become strained.
  • Your psychic energy will overheat and will make you become detached in life.
  • You will be angry and emotional.
  • You will have a bad outlook on life.
  • Your thoughts and emotions will always be negative.
  • You will get physically sick.

Strong Energies

When your energy cannot flow around inside of you, it becomes stuck and will eventually build up and cause negative things to happen to you.  Soon you will find that you are having feelings you aren’t used to such as anger or jealousy.  You will never admit there is a problem because you will not understand that this is your negative energies that are blocking your happiness.

When you learn to take care of your problems and learn to let go of bad things, you will see that your life can be happy, and you can get your negative energies out.

When you choose to take your negativity out on other people and you are rude or hateful, you will see bad things happen to you.  You are continuing to gather more negative energy inside of your body.

Getting Rid of Negative Energy

If you want to be happy and live a good life, you have to get rid of the energy inside of you and allow it to flow.  You have to get rid of whatever is causing your chakra to be blocked.

In order to do this, you might need to meditate.  Here is how you do it:

  • Go to a quiet place and take a writing pen with you.
  • Ask your spirit guides to help you.
  • Relax and take deep breathes. Write things down that bother you and have caused you to be upset.  Write down things form your childhood that have caused you to feel ugly or take harbor negative feelings.  Write down anyone who has rejected you and whenever love has not worked out.
  • Don’t edit your paper or leave anything out, even if it is ugly. Allow yourself to keep writing down everything.  This is releasing you.  Write what is on your mind and even if you are scribbling, get it on the paper so you can get rid of it.
  • When you have written down all of your feelings, ask the guides to help you let them go. Close your eyes and talk to your spirit guides.
  • Put the paper in something and burn it.
  • Watch it turn to ashes and feel the negative energies burning away.
  • When the paper is all burned up, gather the ashes and scatter them in the wind and let yourself be free.
  • Thank the spirit guides for helping you.

If you have done this and you find that some of your issues are not solvable, go to a psychic and ask them to help you.  See what they can do and see if they can look in your past life to see why you can’t let go of some of the emotions.

A good psychic should be able to look at your system and see what is blocked in your chakra and why.

Negative energy is unhealthy, and it will leave you feeling useless and drained.  Do not let your body keep this negative energy in because it will cause you to be mentally and physically ill.