Rune Stones

Rune Stones

Rune StonesRune stones or cards are tools of divination to help to predict the future.  There are 24 stones with different alphabetic symbols that are made out of wood or glass or other materials.  Most of the time they are carried in some kind of pouch or a box.

Most ruins are cast east to west or facing the sun and a cloth can be laid down to figure out which way to cast them.  The person throwing has to focus on the question and after throwing the stones, the ones that are face up are the ones that you read.

Sometimes, the reader will pick a rune stone out of the bag and will read it randomly.  This is known as a 3 rune spread and can help to answer questions.


FEHU-F:  Cattle means abundance and self-value and success.


URUZ-U:  Brute strength means strength and change and force.


Thurisaz-TH:  Seeing the future.  This means seeing in the future and having luck and seeing the truth.

ANSUZ:  god, Odin

This is a message from within yourself, a voice or advice.

RAIDHO-R:  Journey

This is when you are about to go on a journey, and you will have your soul healed.

KENAZ-K:  Torch

This is when you feel that there is darkness and the rune is opening you up to light.

GEBO-G:  Gift of Relationships

This is when you will get higher with yourself and nature.

WUNJO-W:  Glory

You will have peace and pleasure and happiness.

HAGALAZ-H:  Destructive

This can be things out of your control

NAUTHIZ-N:  Negative

This is when you have a caution and a resistance or a delay in something you are waiting for.

ISA-I:  Ice

Frozen in a certain time, inner truth.

JERA-J or Y:  Cycle

This is when you will get a reward after you have planted a seed and it cannot be reversed.


This is when you are doing the right thing and you will get a new life.

PERTHRO-P:  Initiation

When something happens that you don’t expect and is not easily shared.  This means there is a secret on the Earth or in the spirit world.  This is when nothing external happens but just the heart matters.

There is hidden information and truths that need to be found.  It can be reversed from events that need to be cleared up or an unpleasant surprise.

Never repeat the past.


Having a spirit guide.

TEIWAZ-T:  Sky God

Successful in what you are doing.  Low energy.


A circle of wholeness and self-knowledge.

BERKANA-B:  Birch god

To prepare and to reference your family.

EHWAZ-E:  Sacred Home

Balancing your universe and using tools to help you move forward.

MANNAZ-M:  Humanity

Have a conscience of humanity being one having a good attitude.

LAGUZ-L:  Water

Using emotions to flow into your body in all parts of you.

INGWAZ-NG:  Fertility

Having new life and pregnancy.

DAGAZ-D:  Light

A new day.

OTHALA-O:  Ancestry

Getting an inheritance or release.  Being free.

Blank Rune

This means anything can be possible and that what has been done can change directions.  If the blank rune was added it means, there are different possibilities that you can face.


The history of the Rune is that it served as magic and came from the Roman to Germanic age and was a person that could use them with their magic.

When the medieval times, the runes would bring victory or would give people a chance to change their minds.

The Runes were used by Nazi symbols and was part of the occult for some time.  They would use it a mysticism and they would publish things on how to use the runes.

Modern runes are used in the occult and the IChing.