Opening Your Third Eye

Opening Your Third Eye

You can learn to increase your psychic gifts and to become more clairvoyant.  Clairvoyance is when you can see things without actually seeing them.  It means you can look into the past and the present and the future and see your own or others.

Everyone has the same powers, and no one is born with special powers, it is just up to us how we choose to use them or not use them.  You can learn to increase your clairvoyance and open the power in your daily life.

You can learn to open your third eye and you can do this with a few steps.  This can help you to be able to see into the future.


You want to unblock your vision and do not accept things in your life that stop you from seeing things.  Give yourself permission to be able to see things in the future and release the feelings that say that you cannot do this.  Relax and practice positive affirmations to yourself.  Release your third eye to be open.


Learn to release your fears and then concentrate on your third eye.  This will be located in between your eyes.  Do not force your third eye to open, you need to practice till this happens on its own.  If you feel that your third eye is partially opened, ask it to open the rest of the way so you can see.

Pay Attention

Look around you and see if you see images come to you.  This can mean that your third eye is open.  You will see things in full color just like you are watching a movie.


Pay attention to what you are seeing.  If it is fuzzy, keep working on it, it will get better and bigger as time goes on.  Tell it to be clear and do this with power.  Images will get bigger and you will be able to know what your third eye is telling you.


When you are able to see the images, you want to know what they mean and to understand them.

If you can’t understand what your third eye is trying to tell you, ask your spirit guides to come and help you to understand what is going on with you.  Ask them what the pictures mean and what they are trying to tell you.

You will get these answers in your thoughts and you will be learning to increase your psychic abilities.  You will get answers in ways that you will understand them.


The biggest step to opening your third eye is to believe.  Believe that you are able to see this and imagine that your images are real and trust them.

Write it Down

Write down what you see and always journal when you see images.  If you want to know what something means, you have to be able to remember it.  You have to have the abilities to know what you are seeing and what the images mean to you.

If you know what you want to see, ask the spirit guides and be very specific.  Don’t ask questions that are not specific and expect the universe to give you what you want.  Ask exactly what you want to know and do not hold anything back from the universe.  You will get the answers that you seek.