How to Cultivate Your Psychic Abilities

Cultivate Your Psychic Abilities

Human are blessed to not just enjoy an array of physical senses, but intuitive ones as well.  Clairvoyance is the gift of psychic sight, Clairaudience is the gift of psychic hearing, Clairgustience is the gift of psychic taste, Clairalliance is the gift of psychic smell, Clairsentience is the of psychic feeling, and Claircognizance is the gift of psychic thought.

Take a moment to think about what intuitive senses are most noticeable for you.  How are you currently using these talents in your daily life?

If you want to develop these skills try the following exercises:

Exercise 1:

Find a moment where you can be alone and quiet in a particular room.  Sit comfortably and focus your awareness.  Nonjudgmentally experience all the nuances and feelings in the room.  Slowly let your eyelids grow heavy and close.  Slow your breathing and draw deep cleansing breaths from your diaphragm.  Let your initial experiences with the room circle around in your mind.  Recall what particularly caught your attention.  Was it connected to sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling or thought?  Examine this experience a bit deeper to see if you can get any additional clarity on a message that might be trying to reach you.

Exercise 2:

Sit quietly with closed eyes.  Breathe slowly and deeply with even inhalation and exhalations.  Imagine an object as completely with as much detail as possible.  Sit with the image and play around with the angles you use to examine the minutiae of the object.  What facets stand out most to you.  Is it the smell, taste, texture, feeling or was it representative of something bigger? Does it bring up a memory connected to or deeper knowledge concerning the object?

Whichever of the clairsenses resonated most for you is your most dominant gift for you currently.  If the room exercise brought sensations of fresh baked cookies or you picture a wedge of lemon being squeezed that released a citrusy aroma, then clairalliance might be a special talent for you.  If you heard the creaking of the floor and the pop of a soda can, then clairaudience could be dominant for you.  If in both exercises a special memory resonated throughout your body, you might want to explore working with clairsentience to receive divine knowledge.

Just because one clairsense seems more pronounced now doesn’t mean that other can’t develop over time.  By being mindful, and patient you can strengthen your other psychic abilities with hard work and practice.  You may find that another sense grows other abilities can be honed much more easily.  Let go of expectations and enjoy the journey.  Each of the clairsenses are a gift and can be useful to assist yourself or others during times of hardships or critical decisions.  In all things, give thanks to the Divine and use your gifts wisely.