Signs You are In a Soul Contract

Signs You are In a Soul Contract

Everything that lives has a soul and souls will travel together.  Your soul may or may not be a human family and even if they are not, you will come across members of your family in this lifetime.  They will come to you and will be life-long friends or people that will keep showing up in your life.

You might have a karmic connection hat has not been resolved and the soul contract may or may not be with your soul family.  These are people that will reenter into your life for a reason and to solve an issue that has not been solved yet.

A soul contract happens when two souls bind together.  There is an agreement on the souls and when they meet on the earth, they will have to work out the issues of karmic connections that have come int heir life.  Their soul can carry over in different lifetimes until they are resolved.

Animals and humans have karmic ties and sometimes the animal will appear in a person’s life so that they person will take care of them.  Animals have their own karma and will need to be taught how to love.

Here are signs that you have a soul contract with someone from your past life:

  1. When you meet these people for the very first time, it is as if you have known them your whole life.  They will be familiar to you and you will know things about them but will not know why or how you know these things.  You will not imagine your life without these people, and it will be an instant and strong connection.
  2. When you are around a person that you have a soul contract with, you will feel sensitive around them. They will easily offend you and you will be in emotional pain when they do this.  You will feel like you have a hard time getting along with them and when they hurt your feelings, it is deep hurt.
  3. You dream about this person often and sometimes when you dream, it is about something that you are afraid of. You sometimes wake up in a panic.
  4. You will continue to be together and break up time after time. This will happen so many times that you will get used to the ups and downs.  You will still be drawn to this person even if you have hurt them and they have hurt you many times.
  5. Even though you have just met this person, you will feel like you have known them your whole entire life. You will know things about them but not know why you know these things.
  6. You will take abuse from this person and you will abuse them sometimes.
  7. You will be obsessed with them.

There are many signs for a soul contract and if you are in a soul contract, you will need to recognize it in order to be able to solve it and move on in your life.

A soul contract relationship can be very strong and will bring you a strong range of emotions. They will cause ou to bring up feelings from your past that are very deep and will bring up issues that you did not know that you had until you met them.

Even while you are with your soul contract, you will be learning things from them and will be having life lessons.  This learning will allow you to eventually move on in your life and the universe will release you.

When you are able to move on from the relationship, you will be able to release the karmic connection and will heal from it.  You will know that you have grown and you will be able to move through situations better and heal from your past life contracts.