What Does a Black Aura Mean?

What Does a Black Aura Mean?

Most of the time when people look for the meaning of a black aura, they automatically think it will be something evil.  There are possibilities that a black aura could mean evil, but this is not usually the true case.  This can happen if there is a lot of troubled emotions in their life or if they are being attacked psychically.  In some cases, a black aura can mean that a spirit has attached itself to the person and once you understand what a black aura is, you will be able to find out what kind of remedy you need to fix it.


There are different meanings when someone has a black aura.  This can be trauma, emotional pain or other causes:

• Can be a sign that a person has negative emotions.
• The chi could be blocked.
• This could be negative thoughts and feelings.
• Anger.
• Hatred.
• Unforgiveness.
• Diseases in the body.


A spirit can interfere with the color of your aura.  You might have a spirit that is attached to you if you have these things:

  • Spirit with negative energy can be afraid to move on its own and will need to attach to you causing a black aura.
  • The black aura can come if you are addicted to something. This can cause spirits to attach to you.
  • When you practice black arts, it can open up your aura to negative spirits and make your aura black.


When you have a black aura, note what kind of black.  Lighter auras can look like they are gray and different shades can have different types of meanings:

  • Grey can happen when you have a blocked chakra or blocked energies. There are many other causes for a dark aura around your life.  This can be a situation that comes just for a moment or it can be a situation that lasts for a while or has come from a deeper place.
  • Light gray can happen when you are worried or stressed. This can mean that you do not trust people and that you are having a hard time in your situation in the present.
  • Dark gray or charcoal colored aura can happen if you have a chakra that is unbalanced. This can cause your health to be depleted and cause you to get a sickness.

Fixing a Black Aura

If you want to change the color of your aura and get natural energy flow back, you can do this

  • Cleanse your chakra. Do this by meditating, tapping and yoga.  Having a clear chakra can cause you to have a different color aura and can make you healthy in your body.
  • Forgiving can also bring you a different colored aura. When you have unforgiveness and hate, it can cause you to destroy your aura.  You need to repair this by forgiving, even though it is not easy.  Get rid of those negative emotions.
  • Illnesses can cause a black aura. If you have a black aura, go to the doctor to make sure that your body is healthy.  You may find that you have a sickness that needs to be fixed.
  • Spirit’s can attach to you and cause your aura to be black. They can possess you but not all of them are demons.  Sometimes when a spirit attaches to you, you can free yourself by going to an aura cleaner, reiki master or another energy or psychic worker.  Let them do a reading for you and help you cleanse your aura.


There are things you can do to protect yourself from a spirit attaching to you:

  • Put yourself in a bubble of white light. Do this by imagining it covering you all over your body.
  • Meditate to keep your energies positive. Do this often, once a day.
  • Use crystals of protection that can boost your defenses such as Black Tourmaline and amethyst.

Black Auras

There are many reasons why your aura can be black and you need to determine what is causing your aura to be that color so you can fix it.