The Twin Flame Runner

The Twin Flame Runner

People talk about how our Twin Flames are supposed to be our perfect vibrational soul matches.  We are united to them when we experience a soul change and when we are able to fulfill personal goals in our life that will lead us to our twin flame.

Connecting to your twin flame is not easy though and it can be intense and overwhelming.  It can be an experience that brings up fear and old wounds.  Each twin flame experience shows that there is a runner and a chaser dynamic and this period of life can be hard and upsetting for both partners because they just want to be united with each other.

Chaser and Runner

A twin flame relationship is about being together with the person that your soul has split with before you came to earth.  You can look at this in six different stages and it is a place where there can be a lot of pain and a lot of wounds that come to life.  There can be tensions and high levels of distancing to a point where it can be hard to be a twin flame both physically and mentally.

When there is a lot of love between a twin flame, one of them might decide that they want to run away from the relationship.  This will be the point where they might go back to another partner or stop talking to them, have arguments or travel to get away.  There is no real reason why this happens, but it does.

The runner is sometimes the part of the soul that is younger, and the older soul is the one that will be mature and want to chase the runner.  One partner will be more open to improving the relationship while the other one is having a hard time handling the relationship.

You will most likely experience the twin flame runner and chaser stage, and this can be hard because even though you love each other, it is as if you are constantly clashing and having hardships in your relationship.

This can go on for months at a time and can be painful for both people in the relationship.

Reuniting with Your Twin Flame

If you want to reunite with your twin flame and you are in the runner chaser stage, it might feel like you are angry and overwhelmed in the relationship.  There are ways that you can heal this and fix it, here are some ways to save heart.

Are They Wanting to Hurt You?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is if you believe that your twin flame really wants to hurt you.  Don’t be confused about the arguments or about the differences or insecurity that you are feeling.

Being with your twin flame can be clear that they don’t want to harm you or cause you pain.  This part of the relationship is where they are dealing with their own pain and you are just part of it.


Pay attention to what triggers your fights.  Is it an action or a look that you have or some type of tone that is given when you have a conversation?  Once you can figure out the triggers then you can stop being bitter and annoyed when they talk to you.  Find out if these are just issues that are under the layers of emotions that you have and try to fix it.

If you get offended every time your partner interrupts you, figure out why you feel that way and work on fixing that problem inside of yourself.  Maybe you feel abandoned when this happen or maybe it makes you feel unloved.


You must learn to communicate openly with your twin flame if you want to fix things.  Most people fail to communicate because they hide their emotions and thoughts and want to keep them to themselves.  When something is bothering us, often times we will not want to talk about it, and we will hide it and let it keep festering until we blow up.

Open communication is a must if you want to work towards an excellent relationship.


Another thing we need to work on is empathizing with our partner.  We have to stop looking at our own feelings as the only ones that are important and learn to be more mature and kinder with others.  We have to be mindful of others and this can be practiced.  You can even meditate to practice this and learn to live in the moment and to take time to reflect on what we are saying and doing and how it is affecting others.

The better you become at reacting to your emotions the more you can empathize with other people including your twin flame.  Remember that your partner is different than you and they have a different personality but that is what attracts you to them.  You have to respect this.

What is My Lesson?

A twin flame is there to teach you a life lesson and to help you to be a better person.  Ask what they are trying to teach you each time a fight happens.  Learn to understand forgiveness and learn to work through the things in life that are hardest because these will teach you the greatest lessons of your life and help you to grow as a person.


You have to forgive each of the pains that you have inside.  Each fight that you have opens a wound and causes there to be pain inside of your heart.  You can forgive each other and learn to love and work through these things.

Twin flames are our shadows and are the core inside of us.  Let us help each other by working through this and finding the light in this relationship.  The point of the relationship is to help you to heal and to become a better person that leads you to unconditional love.