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psychic Divination Tool

psychic Divination ToolMany enjoy using divination tools like the pendulum, tarot and oracle cards for readings, but if you want to develop intuition and psychic senses without tools, then there are some things you can do to help. Even if you are questioning whether you can pull it off and still give accurate readings, you can.

There is no such thing as not having enough intuition because psychic development can be learned by anyone so accurate messages can be shared. Follow these simple ideas to build on your ability to divine without tools.

Developing Senses

Anyone, even if not born into a psychic family, can be a psychic. This is something you can develop with time and patience. Children are often more sensitive to the supernatural and energies because they are more psychically open.

This connection becomes blocked over time as we grow up in a society that acknowledges only the physical realm. As you are around people who do not believe in spiritual things or feel they are stupid and evil, then the low vibrations and thoughts clog up the channels.

Connections to the spirit are like a window that must remain clean to be useful. Denying the existence throws mud on the glass and blocks the views. We correct this by cleaning. The way to clean the spirit pathways is by making sure the chakras are unblocked. While work on all of them is important, the main focus should be the crown and third eye.

To accomplish this, dedicate yourself to 30 days of meditation with focus on chakras. Your intuition will sharpened during this time. This can be obvious in oracle readings as more detail becomes obvious to you.

Divination Readings

As your intuition and senses become more developed, you can use them in readings to read tarot intuitively or even add a psychic pre-read into your overall process. Reading tarot intuitively is simply about relying on your intuition over memorized card meanings as the reading moves forward. This can involve feelings, images, senses of knowing, and specific thoughts as you look at the cards.

Even though your intuition may pull you away from typical card meanings, allow it to happen as the answers may be even more accurate with deeper meaning. The best way to move from tarot reading to psychic readings is by involving intuition in readings and then transitioning away from tarot. To do this, try a pre-read which is just tuning in to the energies before a reading ever begins.

Here is how to get started:

  • Begin with grounding meditation
  • While the vibration is high, focus on your querent’s name or image
  • Write down and specific feelings or thoughts you get
  • As the reading begins, add this information and mention it to the client

Though it may be scary to try this, your accuracy may be surprising. Do the pre-read ahead of time before the client ever enters. Over time you will gain confidence and can move to an intermediary step between pre-read’s and full psychic readings.

As you gain confidence, try doing a psychic reading before the tarot reading before the client offer any information. Base your accuracy of whether you proceed with the reading. This can be scary, but can also boost your confidence and intuition further.

Then you can move to psychic only readings. However, this does not mean you have to give up tarot or choose one over the other. Have fun and do what you enjoy most as you are developing and growing in your skills. Make the choice that I right for you.