Divination Using Rune Stones

Divination Using Rune Stones

Divination Using Rune StonesRunes are the symbols of ancient Scandinavian and Germanic languages. Various meanings of the word “rune” in different languages include “secret” and “mystery,” Magic runes and rune stones are used in the spiritualism and astrology as divination methods. The rune symbols are believed to hold specific meanings and represent gifts of spiritual truth.

Some people believe rune symbols came into existence through an oracle’s magic. Others believe they’re rooted in the ritualistic language of the Nordic people.  Many people believe that rune symbols contain the universe’s secrets.

Stones with rune symbols carved into them can be used to help manifest positive virtues into their lives. The magic of rune stones has a long history dating to medieval times in multiple cultures and ethnic groups. Victory runes were oven carved into sword handles to ensure the victory of the wielder.

Though runes have been in use for more than 2,000 years, they’re still quite popular today. Use of these divine secret-holders to answer questions helps you draw more peace, love, happiness, and abundance into your life.

Several steps are necessary as you prepare to cast rune stones. The secret to accurate readings and manifesting positivity into your life lies in asking proper questions with clear and optimistic intentions—an optimistic perspective helps you attain positive results!

The 24-symbol Elder Futhark set is the best starter rune stone set. Runes are carved into just about any material, including bone, wood, and stone. The best rune stones are made of amethyst, jasper, and hematite.

Traditional rune-casting methods require you to focus on your question. This usually involves meditation to cleanse and clear your mind of negative energy and unhelpful thoughts. But regardless of which method you use, it’s essential for your mind to be free from clutter and negative energy before you begin casting runes. This will help you completely tune in to the runes and obtain the divine guidance that you’re seeking.

Completing a basic meditation is an effective way to clear your mind before you begin casting runes. Consider that as part of your process to help you reap the full benefits.

Single Rune Casting

Casting one rune is the simplest way to read rune stones to answer one question. The process involves randomly drawing out one stone from the set, then discerning the meaning of that one stone.

This is unquestionably the simplest divination method to answer a question with rune stones. Most rune stone sets come with instructions that explain each symbol along with its possible meanings. When you first begin using rune stones, it’s helpful for you to use these instructions. However, learning to rely on your intuition will result in connected and more powerful readings.

Your intuition will lead you through readings, so go into the process with a clear, uncluttered mind. This will allow you to more easily tune in to the universe’s messages in the runes. Practicing more often will help your confidence grow quicker and your readings to become clearer.

Three Rune Stone Spreads

When you want to answer more than a single question, the three-stone rune spread divination method will serve you well. The process is similar to the single-stone draw described above, except instead of picking one stone, you randomly pick three. This spread will work better to answer broader inquiries and multiple questions and offers a deeper understanding of your answers.

Here are the steps to performing a three rune-stone spread:

  1. Gather your runes in a pouch.
  2. Gently shake the stones while you think about the questions you want to answer.
  3. Draw a stone from the bag and hold it in your hand. Repeat until you’ve drawn three stones.
  4. Toss the three runes onto a flat surface covered by a white cloth. To obtain an accurate reading, toss toward the sun from east to west. Take note of where and in what position the stones land.
  5. Once you cast your stones, the ones that remain rune-side up are your answers. Simply look up the meanings of those stones to obtain your answers. If the stones landed rune-side down, they have different meanings, so pay attention to each stone’s position when you’re looking up their meanings.
  6. Start your reading from the center. One by one, begin reading the stones that landed rune-side up. These stones represent the current nature of the situation you’re questioning and give an overview of the objective reality of the situation beyond your own perceptions. To help you remember the information from your reading, take notes as you progress through your reading.

Next, read the stones that landed away from the center of the spread. These stones represent outside influences you can’t control and can’t see happening. Somebody may help you, though a storm may be on its way.

Stones that landed rune-side down represent the future regarding the situation you’re asking about. If there’s only one stone rune-side down, it represents your future outcome. If two stones landed rune-side down, the first one you read represents the next one to six months, while the second one represents the six to 12 months after that. If all three runes landed face-down, the movement in the situation you’re reading about will happening in the future.

Finally, listen to your intuition as you read. Opening your mind will help you discover revealing information about the situation that you weren’t aware of before.