The Creative Casting of Rune

The creative casting of rune

The creative casting of runeThe gift of Odin

Nobody knows how old runes are exactly.  Rune like signs have been found in caves with writings which hail back as early as the bronze age, the shields of warriors bent on quest possess paintings from runes and their symbols and runes have also been given reference in the bible. Scientists also say that runes had been used for some centuries before the time or need of language since its symbols were well created for communication.

A Theatre to self

The motto of runes is “Know thyself” nothing more, nothing less. Runes teach and provide powerful guidance. They are a medium or a bridge and not a fortune teller or a prophet. We both have oracles inside us. We are exercising our oracle abilities when we pray, look for information or ask for what we want.

 Consulting the oracle

We are in a world that keeps developing and evolving. We internalize the lessons very fast as souls and the universe gives us guidance into a new world of growth and prosperity.  You are responsible for every scene in any situation at the end of the day.  It is our needs that control the energy of the runes into sacred play when we consult the runes.

You can seek help from runes when you feel overwhelmed or facing a situation with limited information. To start this, you will have to close your eyes, take deep breaths and center yourself. Others light a candle to symbolize sacred space. Focus on the issue at hand once you are ready. You will then pick the stones from the back, move your fingers around them until the right stone shows up. At this point, it is important to put your intuitive communication into practice. Some people say that the right rune is different from the others; it is sticky to the fingers, look warmer than others or can pull your belly a bit. Regardless of what your experience might be, there is just something that keeps telling you this is the one.

Oracle of the self

The message whispered in our ears will grow to become signs that can’t be ignored when we keep practicing connection to our knowledge and trust-building and affection for this channel. I trust all of us to have inside wisdom that we want to be embraced and heard. Therefore, I want you to ask yourself. “what do I need to know for my life now?”