The Personal Meaning of Spirituality

Personal Meaning of Spirituality

Defining the term spirituality is difficult because it is a highly individual way of experiencing life. There is not a single method or path that calls to everyone in a similar way. When a group of people were asked what spirituality meant to them, the answers below were given and put together as a way to better understand the spirituality of others.

Universal Spirituality

When asked about universal spirituality, some answered that we are spirits in a human body, not a human with a spirit. Spirituality is about being connected to all of creation, even beyond the earth. It is further about being aware of and at peace with the inner self. This means keeping an open mind about possibilities and taking a broader spiritual view of everything. It requires you to be at peace with yourself on all levels while living in the moment. Some say this is like being a newborn, experiencing everything as it comes as new and unique, judgement free. This also means we are in touch with the absolute, relative, physical, and living within the realization that all living things are interconnected. When we realize this, we live in repentance, forgiveness, readjustment, and deep appreciation.

Spirituality and Religion

When asked about the terms and meanings of spirituality and religion, people offered the following insights. Spirituality and religion are the way to find balance and a peaceful path that looks inward when making a decision, interacting with others, or facing an issue. We must see with the eyes of a higher power. It is being present for God and His people with forgiveness, wisdom, compassion, and grace as God has shown. Spirituality and religion are about mindfulness, thankfulness, and praying to your creator. Spirituality for some is a part of participation in organized religion, but for others it is more personal to get in touch with a spiritual side, like through yoga, reflection, and meditation.

Spirituality Through Compassion

When asked how to show spirituality through compassion, the following statements were given. Spirituality is openness, kindness, and love toward all things. It is recognition of the fact we are all spirits with the same basic right to life and recognizing we need to look beyond our own ego. We need to be compassionate to all sentient beings and receptive of nature’s influence. We must further honor our souls and those of others by looking for true beauty beyond the shell of the person.

Uniquely Spiritual

To further explain spirituality, some say that religion is the institutionalization of spirituality and institutionalizing things never goes well. There are many thoughts on spirituality that show the differences and similarities between the idea of spirituality and religion. Regardless of how you define spirituality or religion for yourself, it is necessary to remember that we all hold unique viewpoints, but can still be accepting of others.