Identify and Strengthen Clairaudience with These Easy Tips


Clairaudience is the extrasensory gift of hearing. Clairaudients are able to auditorily receive messages and information from beyond the physical realm.

The term “clairaudient” is rooted in two French words which translate to “clear hearing.” Clairaudients clearly hear spirits and spirit guides, angels, voices, music, or ringing that most other people can’t hear at all.

Clairaudients can clearly sense auditory input, such as spiritual messages, beyond the typical range of human ears. Clairaudient gifts may manifest while meditating, channeling, dreaming (such as hearing a spiritual entity in a dream), or even when clairaudients are awake. The input may include the clear hearing of communication from angels, spirit animals, spirit guides, loved ones who have passed, and other non-physical beings, and may even sound like music or a high-pitched frequency.

Are You Clairaudient?

Not everyone with a psychic gift is born with it. People can acquire or develop such abilities later in life. Some uncover or develop the abilities in the course of, or after, a spiritual awakening. Others may have possessed clairaudient abilities their whole lives, but never fully understood them.

Clairaudient abilities are quite noticeable when you know how to spot them. Whenever you hear something like voices or music with no obvious source, you’re experiencing clairaudience. Here are five common signs that you may have the gift of clairaudience.

  1. You sometimes hear voices. Clairaudients psychically hear voices just as clearly as if a physical person was talking, although the being who is communicating may not be visible.

These are often angels, spirit guides, teachers of light, or ancestors who want to offer you their support and loving guidance.

  1. You often hear ringing in your ears. Clairaudients readily perceive high vibrational frequencies, so they often hear ringing in their ears. They may be hearing the Universe’s elemental frequency, or of beings from the spiritual realm entering their awareness. Whatever the source, the sound is generally short-term and simply quiets down on its own. (Please note that if the ringing you hear is distracting, disruptive, or sustained, you should have your hearing evaluated by a hearing specialist.)
  2. You hear music beyond your physical senses. Musical proficiency is commonly a result of clairaudience. Gifted musicians are often clairaudient, and can hear whole songs in their head prior to writing lyrics or compose music.

If you clairaudiently hear a song repeating in your head, pay attention to its message. Entities in the spiritual realm often communicate loving guidance in this manner.

  1. You’re a clear communicator. A robust throat chakra often goes hand-in-hand with clairaudience, because the throat chakra is responsible for clear communication. Clairaudients excel in careers involving communications including speaking, writing, or listening.
  2. You often talk to yourself. Clairaudients tend to work things out verbally and offer themselves spoken counsel when they’re in challenging situations. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can train yourself to quietly ponder or meditate instead of talking to yourself.

Develop Your Clairaudience

Just as your body is strengthened with physical exercise, clairaudience can be acquired and encouraged with clairaudience exercises.

These five simple techniques will encourage your clairaudience and clear your psychic channels to receive information through extrasensory hearing.

  1. Meditation. Meditation will calm and focus you, which will help you generally strengthen your psychic gifts. To specifically develop clairaudience, focus your awareness on your throat, which is the location of your throat chakra. It’s responsible for hearing more clearly from the spiritual realm.

Visualize your throat chakra opening, which will allow information to flow to you clairaudiently. Maintain your awareness of your throat chakra after you finish meditating to keep the channel open.

  1. Clear and balance your throat chakra. Clearing and balancing all seven of your chakras will strengthen all of your psychic gifts on multiple levels, and assist you in overall spiritual awakening. But clearing obstructions from your throat chakra will aid clairaudience development the most.

If your throat chakra is blocked, you may not be able to communicate with the spiritual realm. Humming, chanting, or singing will all unblock your throat chakra. You can also stop gossiping and avoid speaking negatively about people, including yourself.

  1. Use crystals. Certain crystals will assist your clairaudience development and increase your abilities, especially when you hold them near your ears and throat.

Labradorite powerfully strengthens psychic gifts. Its iridescent blue, turquoise, green, and gold flashes are stunning. Wear labradorite earrings to strengthen clairaudient abilities.

Selenite, a clear to pearlescent crystal, vibrates at a very high frequency and doesn’t need clearing. To help advance your clairaudience, pass a selenite stick or wand around your temples and ears during meditation and focus your thoughts on clearing your clairaudient channels. It will also help to wear selenite gemstone earrings and place a natural or carved selenite tower near where you sleep and meditate.

  1. Listen actively. Active listening sharpens your intuitive senses. To do this, start breathing rhythmically and simply listen. Calm your mind and focus on the sounds all around you. Don’t concern yourself with receiving clairaudient messages. Just breathe and listen.

The more you practice, the more effectively you’ll quiet your rational mind so you can receive clairaudient information from the spiritual realm. It is easier for them to reach you with guidance and messages when you’re calm and listening.

  1. Ask for spiritual assistance. You don’t have to know you’re clairaudient to receive information from your spirit guides. Focusing on and asking for this ability will help you develop it. Angels, teachers of light, and our spirit guides can help us more effectively when we simply ask them to. They may direct you to a specific herb or exercise that will help you, or communicate with you in your dreams to further develop your clairaudience.

Are you clairaudient? If not, would you like to be? Have you faced problems with your clairaudience? Do you have any other tips on clairaudience that help you? Please share in the comment section below!