Ways of using Runes


Ways of using RunesRunes were mainly used by the Germanic tribes before the arrival of the Roman empire. They are ancient alphabet also known as “Viking runes” they have Nordic symbols that are good for making decisions, communication, rune readings, and divination.

How to use Runes?

Spread down a cloth on the floor and choose which part will be “up” and “down”. Runes are ideally cast facing the sun or on an East-West axis. After that pay attention to the casting question. Runes should be kept in a box or a pouch at all times where they are to be drawn. The runes which have fallen on the cloth facing up are read and this depends on whether it is reversed or not.

Other Procedures of Casting Runes

Randomly pick a rune stone for a daily reading; pay much attention to the questions for your casting and let your eyes be closed. Pick one rune from the piles. Others believe that a single question can be answered by day one rune. A 3 rune spread can also be done. A past event can be answered by the first rune. A present event can be answered by the second rune and a future event can be answered by the last rune.

The meanings of runes are available in the chart below. There are numerous runes that are available in the market and in the best prices. Each and every rune stone is unique to its own.