What are runes and what’s their use?

What are runes and what’s their use

What are runes and what’s their useWhat is a Celtic runestone?

Current Celtic runes have been used since the 17th century. These stones are cast to foretell the future and are small with an old, magical alphabet carved on them.

The best psychics have used physical tools for centuries to get answers from the universe. Accurate readings can all be provided using tea leaves, coffee grounds, and crystals. But the common tool that is frequently used is cards. Quite a number of psychic mediums use angel cards, tarot cards, or even play cards to predict the future, answer questions and to vision about a person’s life. However, there is another tool that can be used for all these and that is the Celtic rune stones.

History suggests that runes are most likely to be the first mystical tools that are used to protect and connect to psychic insights. They were used by Romans and Germans way back in 150-800 AD according to pieces of evidence provided. The word rune means ‘secret whisper’ in different languages. This is an indication of the special powers that casting runes hold.

Celtic runes, magic stones, and Viking runes are the names used to refer to rune stones. There might be a small difference in how they vary but they use a similar or less similar runic alphabet.

What are their uses?

They can be used to give you guidance or foretell what the future holds and answer any questions that you might have. The old symbols can help visualize situations and help predict the outcome. Quite a number of psychics use their instincts and casting runes to get answers to particular questions as this helps them understand everything better and give them a clear future.

The magical symbols on rune stones were used for shields, amulets and to hide secret messages, in the past. Just like other well-known symbols such as hamsa, the runic alphabet has been used to provide protection and healing.

How do you read runes?

Individuals usually ask what runes are and what they are used for. Rune reading frequently gives deep insights, although not straight forward answers. This, therefore, means that a psychic has to use their intuition to read runes and get accurate answers. The symbols on the runes have a particular meaning that can be interpreted in distinct ways just like tarot cards. Casting and reading runes often take years to master because of the complexities.

Psychic uses distinct rune casting spreads to read the runes with the most well-known being 3, 5, and 9 runestone layouts. These can also be drawn individually to give insights to specific people, question or situation.

If you are always open and focused during psychic readings, then be sure that the stones will give you accurate predictions of what the future holds.