Rune Divination – Psychic Readings, Psychic Help and Tips

Cast Runes And Do Rune Readings. Using runes is a great way to tap into your intuition, access your inner voice and perform divination.

Rune stones are a powerful and ancient method of divination, used to connect a person’s intuition with the meaning of the rune stones. I created this website to bring people more information on rune stones and divination, in addition to rune psychic readings. Our expert rune masters can give you real rune psychic readings to answer questions you may have about life, love, jobs, relationships, and much more.

Runes can be used on your own or by the rune masters. Either way, they are a powerful divination tool if you are prepared to use them. Understanding their meanings and uses is very important for getting the answers you want and need.

What and Who are Runes?

The word ‘rune’ means ‘secret’ or ‘mystery.’ Runes are a connection between a person, their intuition, and the power of the symbol contained on the rune.

Runes are stones with ancient symbols carved into them. These symbols are based on the Germanic alphabet, which was used for writing and divination. Certain sets of runes were thought to have magical powers, including the power to protect and heal. Runes are most often associated with pagans and practicing Wiccans, although they are used in a much more mainstream manner as well.

Runes will commonly be made of glass or wood and are kept in a box or pouch.

The History of Runes

Runes first appeared in a text called the Havamal. Odin, the Norse god, finds them hanging from Yggdrasil, which is the world tree. Modern runes are based off of the Germanic alphabet, but vary depending on the rune set that is used.

Modern rune sets use 24 letter sof the Futhark symbols and have one blank tile, which represents Odin, the finder of the runes. Each letter or symbol has a meaning that corresponds to an answer to the question that has been asked. The symbols can represent gods and their powers, objects, people, concepts, animals, or occurrences.

Runes have been found in caves as early as 1300 BC, and are mentioned in many old texts including the Bible. How they were used and their original meanings have often been lost to time. They are thought to pre-date written systems of communication and were used as a kind of Oracle. No one is certain who exactly created the runic system.

Runes were used up until the 17th century as both a language and a tool of divination. During the 17th century, the Catholic Church banned their use as they believed the runes to be associated with the devil. Rune masters went underground, some passing along their knowledge quietly, while others were buried with their understanding of the runes.

How Does A Rune Reading Work?

Rune readings are done by asking a question and casting the runes out. This can be done in a few different ways. One way of rune casting is to toss the runes into a random pattern. Runes are commonly cast facing the sun, or on an east-west axis. A white cloth is laid down and the question asked. The stones should be cast on the cloth, and the runes that have landed right side up are read. Some runes have meaning if they land upside down, while others are read the same way no matter what.

A three-rune spread is another way to determine an answer to a single, broader question. A single rune can be read each day for a reading that determines that day. A more detailed reading usually involved a nine-rune spread, which can give you more information into a spiritual question, a person’s situation, or to clarify options and outcomes.

There are many different options for reading runes, so the rune caster should use the method that they feel will best answer the question they have.