Being the Master Builder – Master Number 22

Being the Master Builder

This year marked the 2020 decade, and this represents the Master Number, 22. The Master Number 22 is a Master Number because it is part of the Hebrew alphabet that has 22 letters. We can see the number 22 in many ways in our lives.


The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters and the Tarot card, the Major Arcana has 22 in number and there are 22 bones in the skull. The number 22 works with 11 and 2, 11×2=22 and other ways that it can be represented.

The number 22 means a higher relationship and focuses on building and plans and having a solid foundation. The theme of the Master Number is that it is part of nature and of life.


The Master Builder 22 is a number that builds. The first place that the number builds is in the mind. Here are projects that are constructed in the mind before you ever start building them. These things can start in your dreams and when you build on your dreams, you have to be awake.

If you want to be creative, you have to figure out how to use things around you and different cycles in order to be creative and strong. You can use the universe to help you.

The energy of creation can help you to have your dreams become a reality. You look at things in your imagination first and then you take this and go further. You can see things in your mind and then you can create these things. You must focus on what you want and in your imagination is where it all starts.

The Master Number 22 helps you to work towards your future and to have energy. You can use your energy and your imagination to get things done.


In 2020, you have a chance to see energy like never before. You can find how important your energy is and you can do this when you are focused. If you get rid of your focus, then you will not understand or pay attention to details. You will begin to ignore the signs around you, and you will miss the energy that is there for you.

You can learn to work with the Master Number, and you can see that things are sometimes good, and things are sometimes bad.

What we have seen in 2020 so far has been challenges but there have also been many opportunities. Remember that the Master Number 22 is important and is full of energy.

You can have a foundation and make the rest of the year to be something that helps you to find your dreams and your hopes. If you remember those that are struggling and that do not have what you have, you can be successful in helping them.

Remember that being helpful is something that can bring you success. In this year, take time to help others around you that are struggling.

Find something to do that can help you to reach your better good and focus on yourself and others so that you can have the power that you need to make a difference in the universe.