Signs You Met Your Past Life Love

Signs You Met Your Past Life Love

Have you ever met someone, and you instantly felt connected or happy to be around them? The truth is you might have connected with someone that was part of your past life.

When you meet someone from your past, it can have a variety of feelings. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming but in a good way. When you meet your soulmate, it can be a mission that the universe is sending you on.

Signs You Met A Past Life Partner

Here are some signs you have met someone from your past life:

Like Home

If you meet someone and you feel that you are at home with them, this can be a past life partner. Maybe they love you unconditionally and you feel completely accepted and comfortable. If you feel that you can act like you when you are with them, they are part of your soul.


This person that you met might make you have emotions that you have never realized before. This can be lifechanging for you. Maybe you will be so connected to them that you cannot wait to see them again.


You are not sure why you have the same memories of places and things with them, but the real reason is that you have shared a life in the past.

You might remember things from your past such as going to a different country. Even though you don’t recall doing it, these pasts memories live on.


You feel that you can share everything with this person and that they will not judge you or put you down. You feel that you are completely connected with them and that they want to hear what you have to say. You feel important and comfortable with them.


This person can make you feel that time does not exist. When you see them, you might feel that time flies by and you did not even realize you were talking to them for the past few hours.


When you are not with this person, you still feel connected to them. Maybe you dream of them or you know what they are doing before you even talk to them. This is someone that destiny has brought to you and it is your soulmate.

Instant Connection

Even though you feel connected, the first time you met this person you had an instant connection. This was a connection that was very powerful and one you have never felt before.

When you are in a situation where you meet someone new and have an instant deep connection, you will probably know what the person is thinking or feeling before they even say it. This is karma that is a past life connection, and you are playing catchup with each other form your past life.


You might talk to your new connection through your mind. You feel that every part of your body and mind is connected and that you are able to read each other’s thoughts.

NO matter where you go or what you are doing, you know what the other is thinking.

Spiritual Connection

Beyond just a connection, you two have a strong spiritual connection. You balance each other and you reach out to each other’s ideas, thoughts, and dreams. You want to have a deep level with them, and you understand them.

This bond that you have with this person is unbreakable and strong.

Powerful Connection

You cannot remember anyone that has ever made you feel the way that this person does. You love being around them and you want to be with them as much as you can. This person brings change and happiness in your life.

Being You

Your soulmate should make you want to be who you are but better. They should make you feel happy and alive. If you notice that you are lighter around that person and your spirit is stronger and lighter, then you probably have met a soulmate from your past.