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Do Feng Shui Bracelet’s Make You Healthy?

Feng Shui Bracelet

One ancient practice is called Feng shui. This is a practice that says that if you want to be healthier and have good energy that you can do this by changing things in your life and in your home.

Feng shui bracelets are one thing that people often wear in order to try and attract money and wealth into their lives. These bracelets are made of volcanic glass or obsidian, and they are considered a spiritual bracelet that can enhance your life.

Black Obsidian

Feng shui uses bracelets that come from Chines talismans that can help to bring abundance to your life. This is a way that you can get rid of negative energy, and you can regulate the energy that you have. This can help you to feel stronger in your emotions and to be able to manifest good things in your life.

Obsidian is one of the best stones that you can use if you need to be protected from psychic attacks. If you feel that your energy is being attacked, it is thought that wearing a feng shui bracelet can help.

Feng shui bracelets are popular with people of all sorts of statures from business people to people that just want to have more money. Some believe that volcanic glass can stop you from losing your money and it will block any wealth from leaving you. Wealth that comes to you will never be able to go away and it can also help you to be healthier.

Wealth Yielding Bracelets

Here are some things that the feng shui bracelet can do:

  • Brings in good luck.
  • Helps you get more fortune.
  • Aligns your energies.
  • Brings good vibrations into your life.
  • Generates feng shui.
  • Increase material wealth.
  • Helps to keep you protected and safe.
  • Keeps you safe from natural disasters.
  • Protects against the evil eye.
  • Attracts prosperity.

Why Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet?

Black Obsidian has many benefits such as protecting your energy and keeping you safe from negativity. This is a stone that can bring balance into your life. If you are feeling sad or dark, you can use this to bring light into your life. It can balance your energy and help you to live a happier life.

Darkness can come from different things in your life and when this happens, you have to have a way to balance this darkness and to attract goodness. When you are attracting goodness, this can mean that you’re attracting wealth and other things.

Black Obsidian is one thing that can cleanse your energy and it can protect you from negativity and bring about positivity. This is a way that you can manifest love and wealth.

If you are someone that meditates, you can wear this bracelet when you meditate to help you to be stronger and to help you to be able to meditate more. Cleanse yourself of anything negative and see that it can help bring abundance into your life.

Wearing the Bracelet

Anyone can wear a bracelet made of Black Obsidian if they want to have more wealth and want to be healthier in their energies. If you need to get rid of negativity or jealousy, you can wear this bracelet to protect yourself.

Where to Get a Feng Shui Bracelet

You can find a Feng shui bracelet online or at a metaphysical store.

How to Use a Feng Shui Bracelet

This bracelet should be worn on the hand that is the dominate hand. If you’re left-handed then wear the bracelet on the left hand and vice versa if you’re right-handed. The bracelet can be taken off when you bath and when you sleep so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Put the bracelet in the living room when you take it off and not in the bedroom. When it isn’t being worn, keep it in the part of the house that you frequent but not where you sleep. This should be facing the main entrance or the front door of your house. Don’t leave this bracelet in the bedroom.

Understanding Runes and The Meanings


Psychics will use tools that show them images and symbols and many of them are able to intercept these things to help you to understand your life. There are others that have other gifts such as hearing into the spiritual world or being able to dream and know the future. Using crystal balls, tarot cards or other tools can help the psychic to get more information. This is the same thing that casting runes can do.

What Are Runes

When you look at a rune you might not think it is as exciting as a crystal ball or a nice deck of tarot cards, but it is as important as those tools. This is something that has been around for years, and it was used to tell into the future and to find out about past lives. The original alphabet was the Norse alphabet, and it was called “The Elder Futhark.” This is found across different countries, and it was known where Vikings landed. Sometimes there are things that are found in these areas that are engraved and this is a way that they communicated and where runes came from.

A psychic that uses different tools will be able to use the tools to understand what is going on in the lives of others. There are different cultures that are able to read runes better than others and some psychics are very good at rune reading and interpretation. This is something that comes with practice.

Each rune has a different engraving, and this is based on the ancient times. The cultures are able to interpret their meanings and can answer questions based on what they see. Each rune will have its own symbol and meaning and is part of the spiritual world. Some used runes to cast spells and for other kind of spell work.

There are 25 runes in a set but there are only 24 letters in the runic alphabet, and they are divided into eight “Aett” or groups. The three groups are named after Norse gods and the runes can be used to call out to the gods and to use their power to get what they want. Here are a list of the runes and what they mean:

Aett 1: Earth Family Runes

Freya is the Earth family, and it shows the life journey and the life cycle. This can be said to say whatever has been left behind is going to come back to you.

  • Fehu

This is seen as a cow or as cattle and was used during the Viking age. It shows wealth and it is also called the Mother Rune because it is a creative rune. This can mean something new or being prosperous but if it is reversed it can bring disappointment to your life and infertility.

  • Uruz

This is seen as oxen and is used to open up Viking areas. It can be a symbol of strength and if you get it in a reading it is a positive symbol and represents having good health and being able to overcome problems. In reverse though it can mean illness or missing out on life.

  • Thurisaz

This rune is called “Thor’s Hammer”, and it is a hammer that is strong. It can mean to be cautious. You can look at this in the symbols and see that it is a tool that is used to build things. It can also break things. Sometimes you don’t have to use a hammer as a bad thing to destroy things that no longer need to be in your life. Remember that you can use this rune to take action. If in reverse, you will see this as a warning to not ignore things that you see in front of you.

  • Ansuz

This rune is represented as Odin All father’s staff. This is a rune that looks like the Fehu rune, but it is faced down instead of faced up. This is a blessing stone and can bring knowledge to the situation. This is a rune that means being wise and able to communicate but if reversed it can mean to be tricked.

  • Raido

This is named after the chariot of gods. This represents a wheel, and this means that you are always moving on your journey. Reach your goals. In reversed, it can mean delays and not having direction.

  • Kaunaz

This is represented by a torch, and it can be seen as energy that is stronger. Look at a light and how it leads ships to the right place and see that this can help you through troubles and trials. It is a passion and can change you. In reverse, this rune can mean that your flame isn’t strong anymore and that you need to let go of something.

  • Gebo

This means love and unity. This works with you emotionally and physically and can be a good thing in your life. There is no reverse meaning.

  • Wunjo

This means success and happiness. In reverse this can mean being fearful and disappointed.

Aett 2: Warrior Family

The Warrior family is Hagal and represents things that you cannot control.

  • Hagalaz

This is a force of nature and can mean that you will have delays in your life. Find different ways to handle things and don’t seek paths that lead nowhere. There is no reverse meaning.

  • Naudhiz

This can be something that you need. This can mean overcoming problems and that things are working in your favor. In reverse it can mean that you are not getting things that you need in your life.

  • Isa

This rune can mean stillness or being stagnant. This can mean that you don’t take change well. You can use this rune to see truth. There is no reverse meaning.

  • Jera

This can mean beginnings and a life cycle. It can be harvest time and you can have rewards. There is no reverse in this rune.

  • Eihwaz

This is symbolized as life and death and represents the Yew Tree. It can be a spiritual thing and is full of mysteries. This is the end of something but not a physical death and it can be a time in your life where things come to a standstill. In reverse, this can mean not accepting change.

  • Perthro

This is like a cup and represents being lucky or having destiny. If reversed it can mean taking a break and facing your actions.

  • Algiz

This means guardian or protection. This rune looks like an elk and is a symbol to keep people safe. The rune will tell you to be cautious and to stay safe, but it can also mean to listen to your instinct. It reminds you in reverser that you need to be smart when things are stressful.

  • Sowilo

This represents the sun and means victory. The clouds show you that there is a path as they clear up and bring in positive energy. You will find your goals and be successful. There is no reverse in this.

Aett 3: Heaven Family

This is the Heaven family and means inner working. This is how you handle things that come into your inner life.

  • Tiwaz

This rune represents a spear and is the honor of the warrior. This reminds you that you have to be brave and that you need to make sure that you are ready to fight when you need to.

  • Berkano

This rune means new beginnings and birth. It can mean being pregnant, being a mother or a feminine energy. It can remind you that new beginnings will bring hope.

  • Ehwaz

This rune is a horse, and it can mean that you need to work together or that you need to have adventures together. This rune shows that you can be protected and that when you get where you are meant to be, there will be peace. If this is reversed, you will see that this rune will tell you that you have to follow your instincts and stop trusting what other people do or say or it can delay your progress.

  • Mannaz

This rune means having self-care and having a divine connection. It can mean thinking rationally and being balanced as to who you are. In reverse, this can mean that you need to accept who you are and to take time to know yourself more.

  • Laguz

Laguz is a water rune, and it shows that you will have emotions along your journey. When you need to know what to do, talk to a psychic and see where it takes you. Learn to listen to your intuition and let it guide you as you grow. In reverse, you might be someone that is ignoring the need to grow, and you need to have strong emotional thoughts and feelings as a priority.

  • Inguz

This rune means having sexuality and true love. It is a masculine rune and represents rebirth like a seed that is planted in a garden. This has no reverse meaning but this is a rune that can have endless ideas and possibilities.

  • Dagaz

If you want change and to be creative, Dagaz is a great rune to have. This can mean that you are starting something new or that you are going to get married. It can also mean that something new is going to happen in your life. The rune will prepare you to live a better life and it will help you to see that there are plans that need to be made. This has no reverse meaning.

  • Othala

The rune, Othala can mean family and having ancestors. This can be something that takes you to your roots. You will be able to find your family and join a community that works with you for the same cause. If this is in reverse, you will heal and you will be able to take your connections and to work through them in positive ways. If you have connections that are abusive, they need to change, and this can be even small disagreements.

Runic Alphabet

The runic alphabet is seen in these runes and the last one is a blank rune and some call it Odin. This is there to remind you that you have a destiny and that the future holds a mystery. Once you understand the meaning of the runes, you need to learn how to read them.

If you’re a new reader, the best thing that you can do is to pick a rune out of the pouch and ask a question such as, “What will today hold for me?” Once you ask the question, shake the bag, and focus on a rune as you pull it out of the bag.

Three Rune Spread

There are different kinds of rune spreads that you can do and in Norse mythology, doing a three norm spread means that you are calling on the goddess Urd, who is of fate, Verdandi who is of the past and Skuld who is of the future. These are goddesses that will sit under the tree of life and will spin thread.

One will spin the thread; one will measure it and the third will decide where the thread needs to be cut. These represent the destiny that you have and time.

The Three Norm Spread is one that is easy to do, and it is a way that you can learn to read the runes as you begin doing readings. Take the rune bag and shake it. Pick out three of the runes and lay them facing upwards. Look at them from left to right or past, present, and future. You can interpret them as present, action and the results, depending on what kind of reading you need.

If the runes are all facing upwards, this is a yes answer, if any of them are facing downwards, this is a no answer. If they are mixed together, the situation can be a maybe. It is up to the person asking the question to decide what to do next. It is suggested that you weigh out the good and the bad things and that you be careful what you are asking.

Wheel Method

You can use the wheel method which happens when you draw two circles, one small inside of a larger circle. The first circle means Querent, and this is the situation at hand and the next circle means the influences that are happening around you that are causing the Querent to happen.

There are different ways that you can interpret runes and it is a fun thing to get into a habit of doing. If you want to work with runes, you will need to figure out which kind you want, what you want them to be made of and then make your own set or buy them. This can be something that helps you to learn a new tool of divination and something that you can work on making for yourself or someone else.

Understanding Rune Readings

Rune Readings

Rune casting is a tool of divination that dates back to ancient times. It is a powerful type of reading that can help to tell a lot about your past, present and future.

Rune reading was used during the ancient Proto-Germanic traditions, but no one is quite sure where it started. The practice of this divination has been around for years, and it is a powerful tool because the letters have a magic ability. They can help you to figure out problems in your life and give you guidance that you need in relationship, finances, career, travel and more.

Understanding Runes

There are 24 runes with letters on them and they are based on the sound of the symbols. All of the runes have a spiritual meaning, and their name and look has magical gifts. The runes have been around for years and years and they have been used by talisman to help keep them safe, guide them on their journey and to contact spirits.

Runes can be used with shells, paper, stones, wood or more. Some are engraved on jewelry, and some are used as luggage tags or keychains. People believe that carrying a rune can keep a person safe. When you have problems or you need an issue solved, you can cast runes to get answers.

Getting a Three Rune Reading

It is important to understand the meanings of the runes before you start doing your own casting. Once you do this, you can choose the types of runes that you feel drawn to. You might pick some that are metal or some that are wood. This is up to you. You should put your runes in a special velvet pouch to keep them safe.

Before you do a rune reading, take time to meditate. This can help you to get to know the runes better. Then, put your runes in a bag or hold them in your hand and put them on a cloth.

In order to do a three-rune reading, you have to find the question that you want to ask. Maybe you need to know more about your relationship or if you should change jobs. All of the runes will have their own special message and this message will depend on how the runes fall, either inverted or upright.

Start by pulling out a rune and laying it down. Don’t change the direction of the rune. Then pull out two more and put them beside the first one. The first one you pulled should be on the right, the second in the middle and the third rune on the left.

  • Rune 1

This rune can show the situation that you have questions about.

  • Rune 2

This rune will represent challenges that you need to know about.

  • Rune 3

This rune will show you what the outcomes are that you could face with this situation.

Final Thoughts

Try to find out more about rune casting and then consider if it is something right for you. You can learn to do your own rune casting, or you can get a psychic to do it for you. You might also want to try to learn tarot cards which is a similar practice.

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Origins and Ideas Behind Rune Casting

Rune Casting

Rune casting is a tool of divination that has been done for years and years. This isn’t about telling the fortune but rune casting is more like a tarot card reading where it can help to give you guidance for life’s problems.

The meanings behind rune casting aren’t always easy to understand but a reader has to cast the runes and use the questions that they are asked and their intuition to help give answers.

Understanding Rune Casting

Rune casting is a type of divination where the runes are either laid out in front of someone or they are cast. This is not done in any order but it is a time of guidance that can help someone to make a decision or solve a problem.

Runes don’t give you an exact answer, they don’t give you advice, the thing that they do is they help you to come out with a possible outcome based on what is going on in your life. The way that the rune works is that you will use your own critical thinking and intuition to figure out what to do.

This kind of tool is similar to tarot card reading where it isn’t a fixed reading. If you don’t want to accept the answers that the runes give you, stop doing what you are doing and do something different.

Origins of Runes

The runes were once known as an ancient alphabet which was called Futhark. This was seen in Scandinavia and in Germany and was there since the middle ages. It was discovered by Odin who was a Norse legend and the runes are more than just symbols but they are part of the universe and the gods.

Some believe that runes are part of mythology and that they are more than just something that was invented. They are a force that has been there for years and years and they can help you through whatever you are going through.

The runes can be carved sticks that have symbols on them and they can be used as from bronze or even rock carvings. They are written on and can be interpreted for whatever the reader needs them to be interpreted as.

Casting Runes

In order to cast runes, you have to have runes. You can buy these that are already made, or you can make your own. Runes were often made from wood of a nut bearing tree but many places that make them use pine or oak because it lasts longer and is easier to carve.

Some people will carve things into the runes while others will paint or burn it. Some will use stones and pain to make their runes and this is completely up to you.

There are some magical traditions as to the way that runes are cast such as in a cloth or even right to the ground. The way that you cast runes is completely up to you, but you should store your runes in a box or a bag when you aren’t using them.

There is no real way to cast runes and there are different ways that people do it. Before you even start, you can put your hand in the bag that holds your runes and move them around. This allows them to be mixed up before the reading.

Casting happens when there is a problem in your life or when you need to make a decision and you can find out more about your past and present. You can pull out three runes at one time and put them on a white cloth in front of you. The first will be what your problem is, the middle will tell you what challenges you will face and the last shows the action you need to take.

Nine-Rune Cast

Once you understand your runes, you will be able to up your rune cast. Some will go to a nine-rune cast which is a magical number in the Norse mythology. This cast is a time where you take the runes all out of the bag and lay them on the cloth in front of you. You close your eyes and when you open your eyes, see which ones are facing up and which ones are face down. Which ones are close to you and which ones are far from the cloth? Those that are face down might be issues that you will face in the future and the ones that are face up are the ones that you have to focus on.

The runes that are on the center of the cloth are the important runes and the ones on the outside edges are less important. All of the runes will have a symbol and they will have meaning. Some will have different meanings and you have to figure out what they mean. Pay attention to what your intuition tells you when you are doing rune casting.

Final Thoughts

Remember, runes are considered sacred, and you need to make sure that you don’t use your runes for bad purposes. The runes are considered magical, and they are used by humans so that they can give a supernatural reading for those that are in need.

Using Runes for Divination

Runes for Divination

Using runes for divination is a fortune telling tool that can answer questions for you. This is something that has been around as long as Bible times. It is thought that runes work with the Norse god, Odin.

Getting a rune reading is something that is considered a cause and effect and once the stones are cast, the outcome can be read to you. If you want to know the truth, understanding the runes can be important for you.

What is a Rune Reading?

Rune readings are a divination that happens by casting the runes. There are different symbols on the runes, and they are related to Greco-Roman history. There is history that shows us that the rune symbols were considered the first writing by the Germanic people. There are different rune alphabets that can be accounted for in Europe, British Isles, Iceland and Scandinavia.

At the end of the 18th century, there was a big interest in runes and during the 20th century, people became obsessed with them. This is part of the spiritual occult.

One thing about reading runes is that there are different symbols and alphabets with this system. They are carved in lines, and they are made of wood or stone. Some inscriptions have been put in the stones and this is a different concept along with pictographic characters.

The runes represent a different kind of force or energy, and they work with the mythical beings or gods. The idea is to cast the runes and get information on the situation. This is considered to be magical and is a system that works with cultures and religions and can help people to understand things including the Norse traditions. Runes are made for divination and work well with meditation.

There are 24 characters in the Elder Futhark Runes, and they are situated into three different groups of Aettir with eight of each character and meaning. There are blank runes that were later added. In ancient Rome, Tacitus used this for divination and was used by different Germanic tribes. It was then that the priests would work with the gods and throw three pieces down to understand them.

There are different poems that work about the Runes and most of them come from the meanings and symbols of short stanzas. It is important to understand the history of the runes before beginning.

Understanding Runes

Here are some questions to understanding runes:

  • Odin and the Runes: Odin discovered runes by swinging from an Yggdrasil Tree. He was in pain and was hungry and he found the runes and took them when he fell from the tree. He carved 18 of the runes and used them for magic.
  • PreChristian Times: This was when people thought trees and leather had sacred powers.
  • Ancient Methodology: This was used for rune casting that was lost in time because the Rune masters didn’t keep good records to interpret what the runes meant. Magic fortune telling secrets were not written down.
  • The Lost Runes: These are runes that were used for divination in the 17th After the master’s died they were not recorded.
  • Finder of the Runes: The runes were moved from place to place by different warriors. It was part of the Germanic alphabet.
  • L.A. WimmerM: He was considered a rune scholar in the 19th century.

New Rune Readings

Even though runes have a long history, you can get runes as a gift for people today or you can even make your own runes. If you make your own, use a pouch to keep the runes in and make 25 of them. You can even find instructions for this.

No one will understand runes as much as the people that get a reading with them. This kind of reading helps you to understand yourself and reach your higher self. You can ask a question and the reader will be able to use the tools to give you answers.

Do Your Own Reading

There are 24 runes now and they are rectangular. They have different symbols on them, and they represent your karma. You can use these when you want to reach your higher self. These runes can have traditional meanings and you can use them to make decisions in your life.

You can use a rune spread that is similar to a tarot spread. Use your intuition when you do the reading and find out what your situation means for you.

When you do your own reading, put the runes in the pouch and shake them. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What problems are happening with my career?
  • What is my problem with my relationship?
  • What is my home problem?

The runes will have power to help you understand what changes you need to make. The best way to understand your runes is to pay attention to what is going on in your life. Put your hand in the bag and mix them and then relax and meditate. Touch all of the stones if you can and then draw one when you feel like you should.

Hold it without looking at it and meditate on it. See how it relates to the problems you are facing. Figure out the traditional meaning. Talk to the runes and don’t get upset if you aren’t getting the answers right away.

Trust the runes enough to give you the answers that you need. Keep practicing and you will see that you can do your own reading and you can get the wisdom that you need to get answers to your future.

Opening the Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye

There are things that happen when a person goes through their third eye opening. Some think it feels like an awakening is coming while others feel that they have reached their enlightenment. Some say that they have strong emotions.

Your third eye is the place where your intuition is, and it is where you can find your gifts and reach your higher self. When this part of your body opens, it can help you to be more aware and to be understanding of your emotions.

When the third eye opens, it can cause you to change the way that you are thinking. Sometimes people have a strange way of thinking, and the third eye opening will change this, and it can be overwhelming to see how your thoughts begin to change. You will see the things that are stopping you from being the best you can be. You will be more aware, and you will see that you are compassionate and caring.

You must learn to surrender yourself and what you are thinking in order to let the third eye completely open. This is a spiritual thing and will take you to a higher level.

Why is the Third Eye Opening a Good Thing?

There are good things that can happen with your third eye opening such as:

  • Understanding the energies around you.
  • Know that you are more than your emotions.
  • You can reach a higher consciousness level.
  • You find love, peace and happiness on the inside.

Understanding the Energies Around You

This is one of the best things about your third eye opening. This is when you are able to feel and know the energies around you. This is more than just the physical body, but this is understanding what people are thinking and feeling. You might also be able to read the energies of plants and animals as well as people. You will learn to connect with these energies as time goes on.

Know That You Are More Than Your Emotions

You will have a realization that you are more than just what your emotions are. You will have a knowing inside that helps you to make decisions. When you start to meditate and learn to control what you are thinking, you will be more aware of your inner self. You will experience new things and new senses.

You Can Reach a Higher Consciousness Level

You will realize that you have spirit guides, angels and other spirits around you. You will know how to understand the spirit world and that as the energy flows, you can connect with these spirits so that they can guide you and help you through your journey.

You Can Find Love, Peace and Happiness on the Inside

You will see that love, peace and happiness are not just something that happens on the outside of someone but something that happens on the inside. You will have a gentle tug that comes to you, and you will realize that these are things that come to your inner self.

Surrendering to the Third Eye

If you want your third eye to open, you have to learn to surrender to the energy and powers of it. You will go through your own type of awakening, and this is the life that you will surrender to. You will trust who you are and what the universe has to show you. This will allow you to experience new things and to open your mind, body and spirit to the world around you.

Knowing Someone is Thinking About You

Thinking About You

People have different experiences when they are psychic, and they are able to extend beyond what we see in the physical. When someone is thinking about them or talking about them, they often are able to read into the energies that someone sends.

A psychic will be able to see different signs that someone is thinking of them like sudden sneezing, ears burning, hiccups or eye twitching. It can be different signs that are unexplained or there can be physical signs such as a white feather.

The idea of the source is what can make a thought negative or positive and the psychic will be able to know who is thinking about them or at least if the thought is good or bad.

Signs Someone Thinks of You

Here are some known signs that someone is thinking of you:


Sneezing can happen because of allergies, but if you see that out of nowhere you start sneezing, it can mean that someone is thinking of you. If you have more than two sneezes after each other, this can mean someone is being negative about you.

Sneezing more than 3 times can mean it is a positive thought or maybe even your soulmate.


Hiccups are another thing that can make someone know that someone is thinking of you. If the hiccups are random, it can mean someone is complaining about you.

People often have negative thoughts toward you without even saying it and this can send negative vibes to you even if it isn’t on purpose. This is a kind of psychic attack.

Hiccups are usually seen as negative energy and if you think of a specific person out of nowhere when you are hiccupping, they are probably the ones sending you negative energies.

Ears Burning

When you feel your face burning such as your ears or your cheeks, it can mean someone is thinking of you. Most of the time this is negative thoughts because the cheeks burn like someone slapped you.

Someone that is thinking completely negative of you can be a psychic attack and so you need to talk to that person and make things right.

If your ears burn out of nowhere it can mean someone is thinking good things about you and once again this can be your soulmate.


Goosebumps can mean that someone is thinking hard about you. This can happen out of the blue and it can be both negative and positive.

Goosebumps are just energy, and they can send tingling to your body that can mean that you have a strong psychic connection with that person.

You can know if the thoughts are good or bad depending on how you feel when the goosebumps come.

Eating Pain

Have you ever had pain out of nowhere such as coughing or choking when you are eating? This can mean someone is talking or thinking about you or that you are in their thoughts.

Eye Twitching

Eye twitching can mean that someone has you on their mind. This can mean that you are being thought of. If you are a woman and your right eye twitches, it is negative, and someone is talking behind your back. If it is the left eye, it can mean someone thinks good things about you.

Telepathic Messages

If you are someone that gets messages from your thoughts, you know that people can connect with you. They can talk to you through your thoughts, and this is telepathy.

Feeling Like Someone Touches You

Some people can feel that someone is touching them even when someone is not there. Some people have the abilities to send these sensations to other people and this can mean they are thinking about them.

This can be a great feeling and can make you feel loved and protected.


Having out of control emotions can mean that you are being talked or thought about. If your emotions go from good to bad, someone is thinking negatively of you.

This can mean that you think the emotions are your own, but they are probably emotions that someone else is sending you. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how the emotions go.


Dreaming of someone can mean that they are thinking of you. When you are telepathic, you can communicate with people in your dreams.

Dreams are something that are mysterious to other people, and they are part of your subconscious mind. This means you can reach your higher self and it can even happen in your dreams.

White Feather

White feathers can mean that someone that you loved is sending you a message. This can come out of nowhere and it can mean that your loved one cares about you and wants you to know that they love you.

This can also mean that miracles are going to happen in your life.


People look at psychic connections differently and if you are closed minded, you might not believe in these things but if you choose to be open minded, you might find that people are thinking of you and talking about you based on the signs that your body and your spirit shows.

Remember that when it comes to these kinds of connections, the more open you are to them the more you can understand them.

How to Do Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Doing transcendental meditation is something that means that you take about a half an hour, and you silently repeat positive mantras. You do this in a place that is quiet without music or being distracted. You need to make sure nothing in the room is causing you to be distracted such as making sure your phone is off and that you are not going to be bothered by people in your house. You can light candles or burn incense while you are meditating so that your area is comfortable.

Here are some steps that you should follow:

  • Find a place to sit that is comfortable.
  • Keep your eyes closed while you deep breath and relax.
  • Repeat the positive mantras in your mind, these can be sounds or words.
  • Say the mantra with complete focus and make sure that you can feel it inside of you.
  • Once the session is done, open your eyes and sit until you are ready to go.

It is important that you take time to meditate each day. If you feel stressed or anxious though, you can do this more than once a day.

What is Transcendental Meditation?

This kind of meditation is one that comes from Egypt and China. This is something that is used in Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, and other cultures. There are many benefits of meditation, and this is a way that you can do self-care in your life.

This is a very common kind of meditation, and it is used while using mantras. This can be words, images that come to your mind or whatever it takes to stay calm and to concentrate where you can be still and quiet.

Benefits of Meditation

People live busy lives and many of them have stress that causes them to have other medical conditions. You can use meditation to keep calm and it can help to improve your overall health of your mind and your body.

There are different kinds of meditation and all of them have benefits such as:

  • Lowering stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to focus.
  • Increases memory functions.
  • Improves sleeping.
  • Helps you to be more productive.
  • Helps with pain management.
  • Improves you self-esteem.
  • Helps you to be more aware of your life.
  • Decreases the chances of you getting some types of diseases.
  • Helps to get rid of other health problems that you might suffer with.
  • Improves your mental health.
  • Improve your emotional health.
  • Improves your physical health.

Spirits and Spirituality, What Does It All Mean?

Spirits and Spirituality

There are many people that claim to be psychic mediums and when you connect with them it is a time that you can get a reading and connect with the spirit world. If you are looking for answers about your life or if you need to reach someone that has passed on, you can use the mediums gift to get what you need.

Most mediums seem to love their job. They have an enthusiasm to do the best that they can and many of them have worked for years to develop their giftings.

Psychic Giftings

Some people that have psychic gifts get them while they are a child. It is often after a loved one passes away that the child will realize that he or she can talk to the dead. Maybe they will see images or maybe they will hear voices. These are moments that the child will likely remember forever.

Psychics Versus Mediums

A psychic is not always a medium, but a medium is always a psychic. A psychic will work with the energies that you have in order to be able to tell you things about your past, present and future. A medium is one that is able to pick up on the energy of someone that has died.

If you want to talk about what your future holds then you would want to go to a psychic to get a reading but if you would want to talk to someone that has passed on, you will need to see a medium to help you to connect with them.

Everyone has some kind of psychic gifting; you just have to connect with it and find out what your gift is. Then, when you develop it, you will be stronger.

There are classes online and in person that you can go to understand and develop your gifting. Find one online and you can increase your spiritual practices.

Family of Psychics

Some people that are psychics will grow up in psychic families, but others are just regular people that have found their giftings. Some people are Jewish or other cultures and as they learn about who they are and where they came from, they also learn about their giftings.

Understanding Your Gifting

Once you learn to understand your gifting, you will know if you are a psychic, a medium or something else. You might have predicted things to happen and saw them come true or maybe you are someone that has a family that will guide you in your giftings.

As you decide what you want to do, you will see that if you are curious about what gifts you have then you will pursue them. Getting a psychic reading can bring your gift to life and help you to decide if you want to develop your giftings or not.

You can take a class or even find someone that you can trust to help you. You will have many experiences along the way. Chances are that you will choose a career that is helpful to others such as a teacher, counselor, or something else.

Background and Roots

People that are psychics can still celebrate their roots. If you are Jewish, for example, you might practice the mysticism of Kabbalah. This is one thing that you can study, and it incorporates other religions.

Readings and Sessions

Sometimes a reading will be amazing and other times it might not be that good. If you have experienced readings that turned out bad, try to stay positive. Try to understand that not all psychics are going to be as gifted as others.

Be open minded and let the information flow. You will find out things about your health, your life, relationships jobs and more. When you find a psychic that you trust, you will have your intuition show you the right path. Listening to your psychic can be hard but always have an open mind and an open heart when you are dealing with your own giftings or getting readings from others.